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How about a discount on your vacation booking solution?

Vacation Tracker for Slack makes is easy for teams to request and manage all types of leaves, all in one place.

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Take a well-deserved break from leave tracking spreadsheets.

Get set up in minutes and enjoy the benefits of quick team adoption.

Scheduling a leave is no longer a 10 day process, but a 10 second one.

Accurately roadmap future work knowing who’ll be in the office when.

Establish clear communication and keep your whole team informed of scheduled leaves.

Leaves you could have booked since you arrived:


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Some of Vacation Tracker’s Features

leave types

Create Your Own Leave Types

Easily configure your organization’s leave types with Vacation Tracker. Leave types ranging from Sick Day, Conference, Working Remotely, PTO, Paternity Leave, Jury Duty and more, can be configured by the administrators. And you can have up to 9 completely customizable leave types besides the default one.

Weekly Notifications

Set Daily/Weekly Notifications

Add Vacation Tracker to your team’s Slack channel and receive automatic daily and weekly notifications so everyone can organize their Slacking on time.

vacation tracker notifications

Multiple Teams/Offices

If you have several offices or departments, setting up your team in Vacation Tracker is a snap. You can even have different administrators for each team to approve time off and manage notifications for each team separately.
You can also filter the calendar and dashboard by teams giving you only the information specific to that team.

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