Attendance Software for Employees

As part of your attendance software for employees, have this tracking tool that lets teams request, approve, and manage employee leaves in seconds.

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Attendance Software for Employees and Simple Leave

Within seconds, request any type of leave, without leaving your favorite collaboration platform.

Custom Notifications for attendance software for employees

Effective leave management gets done by setting daily and/or weekly notifications, and keep your team up to date with upcoming leaves.

Multiple Team Management

Vacation Tracker is remote team friendly. Managing and tracking leave for teams in multiple locations just got easier.

Fantastic Customer Support

We’re fueled by feedback and dedicated to give the best customer support and improve Vacation Tracker.

Discover Vacation Tracker

On top of your attendance software for employees, manage effortlessly your requests and receive instant vacation reminders about your team’s absence.

Simplified Leave
Approval Process

Booking a leave just got easier. Whether it is a half-day, a full day, or a multiple-day leave, use the Vacation Tracker Dashboard or the Vacation Tracker bot.

Once submitted, an Administrator or Approver will be notified to approve or deny the leave request instantly.


Notifications come in handy and are easy to set up. Customize Vacation Tracker notifications for the whole organization or to each team. Customize the time of the notifications, and pick the Slack or Microsoft Teams channel on which they will appear.

Select weekly or daily notifications to keep everyone informed about scheduled leaves.


The Administrator Dashboard provides a comprehensive overview.

On the Vacation Tracker Dashboard, Administrators can easily approve or deny requests, set Leave Types, manage Notifications, and customize all Settings to best fit the dynamic of your team.

Discover more Vacation Tracker features, or visit Helpdesk for more information.

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Eliminate Paperwork And Save Time With Effective Leave Tracking