Best Absence & Leave Management Integration for Slack

Vacation Tracker is the best absence & leave management integration for Slack, that helps you keep track of when your team is out of office.
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Managing leave doesn’t have to be complicated.

See how easy it is to manage leave with Vacation Tracker

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People should look forward to requesting vacations.

Get set up in minutes and enjoy the benefits of quick team adoption.

Scheduling a leave is no longer a 10 day process, but a 10 second one.

Accurately roadmap future work knowing who’ll be in the office when.

Establish clear communication and keep your whole team informed of scheduled leaves.

Looking for the Best Absence & Leave Management Integration for Slack? 

Tracking your team members’ time off is essential for a successful and motivated team. However, when you have a large team, it’s hard to keep track of everything and the entire process becomes a lot slower. Because of endless email chains and boring spreadsheets, many misunderstandings occur, leading to an unsatisfied team.

In order to avoid this, having the best absence & leave management integration for Slack is necessary.

With Vacation Tracker, requesting time off takes seconds and the same amount of time is necessary for the admin to respond to that request. Our friendly bot will make sure to notify you daily, or weekly when someone’s going to be away from the office, so you never have to worry about coming to work and realizing the person you were counting on isn’t there.

Quick & Straightforward Setup

Set-up your organization on Vacation Tracker in minutes, we'll grab all your teams information from Slack. Whenever you make changes to your team in Slack, Vacation Tracker will automatically be updated as well.

Book time off directly in Slack

Your team members can book and manage their time off requests inside Slack. Simply type in “/vacation” in any channel in Slack and our chatbot will help your team plan their next vacation or day off. Your team can also request sick days, conference days and many other types of out of office requests.

Multiple offices? We got you covered.

Vacation Tracker, the best absence and leave management integration for Slack is perfect for remote teams. You can even have different administrators for each office to approve time off for their teams and set up holidays globally or for each team separately.

Introducing Vacation Tracker’s administrator dashboard

The dashboard allows managers to easily approve or deny requests, manage notifications, and have a daily, monthly and yearly overview of the team’s vacations and days off.

The administrator dashboard can be accessed by going to or by clicking “Open Dashboard” in Slack. In the dashboard, administrators can also manually set the number of days off for each team member, set multiple teams, check history, set vacations, set-up calendar feeds, and export data into a CSV file.



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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have some questions ? Find answers in our FAQ.

How long does the free trial last?

Your free Vacation Tracker trial period lasts for 14 days.

Which features are included in the free trial?

During your trial perios you’ll get access to all of our features. You will gain access to the Vacation Tracker dashboard as well, where you can keep track of absolutely everything.

Do I have to enter my credit card during the free trial?

No credit card is required to start your free trial period.

Do you offer discounts to non profit organizations?

If you are interested to learn about our discounts, please contact us at or start a chat with us.

How can I contact Vacation Tracker support?

We’re proud to say that we will be with you every step of the way. Simply contact us at and we will be more than happy to help.

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