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How Enactus improved their PTO tracking for the better

Learn the success story of our customer Nicole, who works at Enactus Canada, and discover how she was able to transform their leave management process from using complicated spreadsheets into a smooth, automated process for the entire team with our tool.

Company Snapshot

Enactus Canada Case Study

IndustryCharities and national organizations
LocationToronto, Canada
Company size69 employees

“For a company that doesn’t have a large HR system, this was absolutely a worthwhile addition.”


HR Manager

The Objective

For Nicole, managing spreadsheets for her team of 10 employees was nothing less than a nightmare. Prior to using Vacation Tracker, she managed her team’s PTO on very complicated spreadsheets that weren’t transparent to the team at all. “If you wanted to see how many days you had, you had to ask your manager who would ask me, and so forth,” she says. As a small, high-performance bootstrapped team in a charity that’s always looking for better ways to do things so they can focus on important work like building the leaders of tomorrow, they knew they had to use donor money responsibly. 

Question was, how could she do that?

Enactus Canada Case Study

The Solution

“I thought we weren’t big enough, that it wasn’t worth it or won’t save enough time. But, it was brain space and the thing that took my attention away from other things. It made [leave management] have no stress and no downside,” Nicole mentions. Her team was easily able to adopt Vacation Tracker, and a big reason why she chose our tool was because of the easy-to-use Slack integration and our customization options. Pricing was another factor, but “it was super affordable, especially with non-profit pricing,” she says. Her top reasons to use our tool include:

  1. A user-friendly Slack interface and direct integration 
  2. An array of customization options 
  3. Easy to use and adapt (with no training needed)

Results seen at Enactus

Increased visibility and transparency

With Vacation Tracker, Nicole’s frustrations regarding managing PTO are addressed through increased visibility, automation, and transparency when it comes to managing her team. Now, everyone has a centralized system to oversee all things PTO-related, according to her, it takes “2 seconds to adapt.”

No more manual work

“Why do it manually? Vacation Tracker is just better record keeping,” she also says, as her team no longer has to fill out spreadsheets and wait for weeks to get their leaves approved. With a busy schedule, Nicole finally has time to focus on the better things, like helping Enactus work with university and college students to make a difference in society.

Thanks for being a valued customer!

Vacation Tracker
Features Used

Enactus Canada Case Study

Slack Integration

With Vacation Tracker, you can easily request, approve, and track time off, all within Slack. This makes it easier for your team to stay informed and up-to-date on absences, without having to leave their collaboration tool.

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Enactus Canada Case Study

Customization Features

Vacation Tracker allows you to create multiple locations with customized leave policies and national holidays, ensuring compliance with local laws. With Vacation Tracker, you can easily request, approve, and track time off.

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Enactus Canada Case Study


Vacation Tracker allows your team to self-manage their time off. Employees can easily view their PTO balance, holidays, and leave history, giving them a clear overview of their available time off.

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