Automate your leave tracking process through Google Workspace.

Are you constantly dealing with time-consuming paperwork and endless emails trying to manage your PTO? We can help.
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Whether you’re a small business, a large corporation, or somewhere in between, our leave management tool is designed to fit into the way your company works.

From non-profits to government organizations, thousands of companies around the world trust us to solve their leave tracking problems.

Integrate with Google Workspace

Our Google Workspace integration makes it easy for any organization to track its leaves, without the need for unnecessary logins and complexity. With Vacation Tracker, you can:

  • Move PTO requests from pending to approved
  • Keep the entire team informed of planned absences through daily and weekly notifications (delivered straight to your inbox!)
  • Customize leave policies, create multiple locations and so much more!

Did you know you can track leave without leaving your inbox?

Google Workspace Leave Management Software

Book leaves through Google Workspace

To book a half-day, a full day, or a multiple-day leave using Vacation Tracker, visit the Dashboard and submit a leave request.

Once the request is submitted, an Approver will receive an email notification with the option to approve or deny the request.

Notifications delivered straight to your inbox

Set up notifications on Vacation Tracker for an entire organization or tailor them to each department. Customize the time of the notifications, and enter the email addresses where the notifications will be sent.

Weekly or daily notifications can be configured by an Administrator to keep all team members informed about scheduled leaves.

Google Workspace Leave Management Software
Google Workspace Leave Management Software

The Administrator Dashboard provides a comprehensive overview

On the Vacation Tracker Dashboard, Administrators can easily approve or deny requests, set Leave Types, manage Notifications, and customize all Settings.

Discover more Vacation Tracker features, or visit Helpdesk for more information.

Google Workspace Leave Management Software

Let us manage your team's time-off, so you can focus on getting actual work done.


Convert a complicated and frequently lengthy process into a few easy steps, most of which can be done directly in Google Workspace.

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Pay as you grow, with no hidden fees.

We like to keep things simple. Vacation Tracker is $1 per user, per month with a minimum of $25. Your subscription can be scaled up or down at any time.




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    Daily/Weekly Notifications

    Multiple Locations

    Workweek Customization

    Calendar Integration

    Export to CSV

    Unlimited Departments

    Unlimited Holidays

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Google Workspace Leave Management Software

Make payroll errors and missed deadlines a thing of the past.

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Google Workspace Leave Management Software

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