The easiest way to track your team’s vacations and days off


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Manage your team’s time off


Time Off Requests

Depending on your company's leave policy, easily request various leave types whether they're multiple days, days off or half-days.


Leave Types

You can have up to 24 completely customizable leave types, while the ``Paid Time Off`` leave type is the default one.


Working Days

If you have full-time or part-time employees who work only a few days a week, you can easily set their working days.


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Keep track of when your team is out of office.

Manage your requests and receive vacation reminders about your team’s absence directly in Slack.


Simple to make requests

Type in ``/vacation`` in any channel in Slack and our chatbot will help your team plan their next vacation or a day off.


Approve requests in Slack

Whenever your team members request time off, your team administrators receive a notification in Slack which allows them to approve or deny vacations.


Custom Workweek

Administrators can set up a custom Workweek for the entire organization, or customize the working days for individual employees.


Awesome dashboard for managers

The dashboard allows managers to easily approve or deny requests, manage notifications, and have an overview of the team’s time off.

Easily set-up and manage your team

Set-up your organization on Vacation Tracker in minutes, we'll grab all your teams information from Slack. And then never worry about adding or removing team members again! Whenever you make changes to your team in Slack, Vacation Tracker will automatically be updated as well.


Book time off directly in Slack

Tired of using many different tools to manage your business? So are we. That's why we built Vacation Tracker so that your team doesn't need to remember another tool and login. They can book and manage their time off requests inside their favorite chat tool.

Multiple offices? We got you covered.

If you have several offices in different locations, setting up your teams in Vacation Tracker is a snap. You can even have different administrators for each office to approve time off for their teams and set up holidays globally or for each team separately.


Make leave management the easiest part of your day.

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