Leave Management for Non-Profit Organizations

Vacation Tracker is the best leave management tool for non-profit organizations. It helps teams to keep track of when team members are on vacation or away from their duties.
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Managing leave doesn’t have to be complicated.

See how easy it is to manage absences with Vacation Tracker

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Your non-profit team will appreciate Vacation Tracker’s simplicity.

Get set up in minutes and enjoy the benefits of quick team adoption.

Scheduling a leave is no longer a 10 day process, but a 10 second one.

Accurately plan upcoming events knowing who’ll be there to help.

Establish clear communication and keep your whole organization informed of scheduled leaves.

The benefits of leave management for non-profit organizations

Vacation Tracker is a simple leave management system that lets Administrators manage leave requests online. It also lets teams receive vacation reminders about upcoming absences, right inside of the team’s favourite communication app.

Having a good leave management strategy is essential for any organization out there. Like all companies, non-profit organizations need the right tools to operate effectively. However, spreadsheets just won’t cut it anymore. Very often, non-profit organizations struggle to keep track of their employees’ days off. That’s why we’ve created Vacation Tracker. It’s a solution that’s sleek and affordable.

What should non-profits look for in a leave management system?

– Automation
– Daily and weekly notifications
– Reliable reports
– Ease of use

That’s it. A leave management tool should be simple and effective. Nothing more, nothing less.

Easily set-up and manage your non-profit organization

With our leave management tool it's really easy to set up your organization, as we'll take all the information we need from Slack. Whenever an administrator makes a change to your team in Slack, Vacation Tracker will be updated as well.
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Request Vacation With A Few Clicks

All your team has to do is request their time off by using /vacation in any Slack channel or DM and follow the on-screen instructions. The Administrators will receive a notification instantly, and will be able to approve or deny the request either through Slack or through the web-based Dashboard.
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Reliable Reports for Administrators

Administrators are also able to customize the number of days granted to each employee through the dashboard, and can manage everything they need from there. At the end of the day/month/year Administrators can download various reports as a CSV file from our leave management and attendance tracking system.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have some questions ? Find answers in our FAQ.

How long does the free trial last?

Your free Vacation Tracker trial period lasts for 14 days.

Which features are included in the free trial?

During your trial period you’ll get access to all of our features. You will gain access to the Vacation Tracker dashboard as well, where you can keep track of absolutely everything.

Do I have to enter my credit card during the free trial?

No credit card is required to start your free trial period.

Do you offer discounts to non profit organizations?

If you are interested to learn about our discounts, please contact us at hello@vacationtracker.io or start a chat with us.

How can I contact Vacation Tracker support?

We’re proud to say that we will be with you every step of the way. Simply contact us at support@vacationtracker.io and we will be more than happy to help.