Say hello to your new favorite Leave Management Software

Our leave management software makes it easy for you to manage your team’s PTO and leaves, so you can focus on getting things done.

Ditch the manual spreadsheets and back-and-forth emails with our leave management software.

Easily manage leaves in seconds

Track PTO, sick leaves, WFH days, or any other type of leave within your organization.

Get notified of planned absences

Sync Vacation Tracker with your favorite external calendar to notify your team daily or weekly of upcoming leaves.

Manage teams in multiple locations

We make it easy to manage multiple departments in different locations. Track leaves from anywhere in the world.

Top-notch Customer Support

Vacation Tracker runs on your feedback. Feel free to reach out and we’ll happily assist you with any concerns you may have.

You deserve a break, so take one.

Request time off in four clicks and instantly know when it’s approved.

Approve leaves with just a few clicks

Thanks to our leave management software, a response is no longer hours away.

Use the Vacation Tracker bot or Dashboard to instantly request a half, full or multi-day leave through Slack.

Once the request is submitted, an Administrator or Approver will deny or approve the leave request, and you’ll be notified instantly.

Stay updated with timely notifications

Setting up team-specific or organization-wide notifications in Vacation Tracker is as simple as 1-2-3.

You can adjust the notification time to your liking, along with the Slack channel they’ll appear on.

Administrators can configure daily or weekly notifications to ensure everyone in your team stays on track about scheduled leaves.

Get a bird eye's view with our Admin Dashboard

Our Administrator Dashboard gives you a clear overview of your entire organization’s scheduled leaves.

The Vacation Tracker Dashboard allows Administrators to easily approve or deny requests, configure leave types, manage notifications, and customize all settings.

Discover more Vacation Tracker features, or visit our Helpdesk to learn more.

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