Leave Tracking for Slack

A Slack-integrated tracking tool that lets teams request, approve, and manage leaves in seconds.


• 14-day trial • No setup costs • Cancel anytime

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How we can help your company

Simplified Attendance Tracking

Request leave in 10 seconds, approve it in 5. With a few simple clicks, you'll save hours every month with Vacation Tracker.

Straightforward & Easy Setup

Simplify your HR processes with Vacation Tracker, as we'll grab all the setup information we need from Slack.

Minimum Employee Training Needed

With Vacation Tracker, there's no need to waste hours explaining how the software works. It's done in seconds.

Affordable Slack Attendance

Save money by paying only for active users, and enjoy the simplicity and effectiveness of Vacation Tracker.


Vacation Tracker - Leave Request

Simplified Leave Approval Process

To book a half-day, a full day, or a multiple-day leave, enter “/vacation” into any Slack channel and submit a leave request.

Once the request is submitted, an Approver will be notified through Slack to approve or deny the leave request instantly.

Custom-made Leave Types

Administrators can create up to 24 completely custom leave types, along with the first default Leave Type, Paid Time Off, which is also completely customizable.

Teams can request full or half-days, sick days, conference days, Jury Duty and many other types of leave all in one place.

leave types

Administrator Dashboard

The Administrator Dashboard provides a comprehensive overview.

On this Dashboard, Approvers can easily approve or deny requests, create Leave Types, manage Notifications, and customize all Settings.

See if tracking vacations on Slack works for you, with a 14-day free trial!