Microsoft Teams Attendance Tracker

A Microsoft Teams attendance and leave tracking tool for quick and easy leave management.

How we can help your company

Easy Leave Approval

Approve a leave request within seconds, without leaving your favorite teamwork hub.


Customized Notifications

Set daily, weekly notifications, or both to keep the entire organization or a team informed with upcoming employee leaves and vacations.

Friendly to Remote Teams

Vacation Tracker allows your team members to manage and keep track of leave wherever they are located.

Stellar Customer Support

We’re always happy to assist you with our leave management app for Microsoft Teams. Help us improve Vacation Tracker and reach out to us anytime.

Discover Vacation Tracker

Manage your requests and view your time-off days remaining or have a quick look at your team’s absence directly in Microsoft Teams.

Leave Approval Made Easy

To book a half-day, a full day, or a multiple-day, go to the Vacation Tracker Dashboard or use the Vacation Tracker bot.

Once a leave request is submitted, an Administrator or Approver is notified for immediate action to approve or deny it instantly.

Notifications for Microsoft Teams

A few clicks will personalize notifications perfectly suitable to your team.

Weekly or daily notifications can be easily set by an Administrator to the entire organization or tailored to each team. Pick the Microsoft Teams channel on which they will appear. Keep your team members updated of scheduled leaves.

Vacation Tracker Dashboard

The Vacation Tracker Administrator Dashboard provides a comprehensive overview of everything you need from a Microsoft Teams attendance tracker and leave management.

Administrators can easily approve or deny requests, create and manage Leave Types, Locations, Notifications, and other useful and practical customizable options.

For more info, see Vacation Tracker features, or visit our Helpdesk .

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