PTO & Leave Management Software

Manage employee absences & vacations through Slack.


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PTO & Leave Management Software

Easy to use

Request time off in 5 clicks, approve it in 1. Get a full overview in the administrator dashboard.

PTO & Leave Management Software PTO & Leave Management Software


According to your company's policy, create your own leave types, set reminders and more.

PTO & Leave Management Software

Time Saving

Save your HR department hours every month with a reliable leave management software.

PTO & Leave Management Software

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PTO & Leave Management Software

Choose Team Members

If you are a team of 50 people, but only need a few to use Vacation Tracker, you can choose specific team members and enable them to use the software. You can add/remove team members during the onboarding process or through the administrator dashboard. To add or remove Slack users from a Vacation Tracker organization, go to the “Team Members” page and select the team members you want to add/remove.

Create Your Own Leave Types

Administrators can easily configure your organization’s leave types through the “Settings” page. The default leave type is “Vacations and Days Off”. All other leave types ranging from Sick Day, Conference, Working Remotely, PTO, Paternity Leave, Jury Duty and more, can be configured by the administrators. And you can have up to 9 completely customizable leave types besides vacations and days off.

PTO & Leave Management Software
PTO & Leave Management Software

Vacations, Days Off or Half-Days

With Vacation Tracker it’s never been easier to request vacations, days off or half-days. To request any type of time off, all your team members have to do is simply type “/vacation” in any channel in Slack, and they will be presented with various options. After they choose what type of time off they’re requesting, all they have to do it selected the dates, or hours if they’re taking a half-day off, and confirm.


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