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Every good manager needs an arsenal of great remote work tools. If you are looking for software that is perfect for remote workers, let us help you by introducing you to Vacation Tracker! This leave management software lets teams request, approve and manage any type of leave online and in seconds.
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A Customizable Remote Work Tool!

Plan and track leaves online with Vacation Tracker.

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What does it take to design the perfect remote work tool?

Set Up: Setting up Vacation Tracker takes mere minutes. Your remote team can enjoy its benefits right away.

Easy Of Use: Managing leaves no longer involves filling out spreadsheets or on sending paperwork back and forth.

Planner: Knowing who will be in the office and when helps to plan a team’s workflow.

Notifications: Team members can stay informed of planned vacations, leaves or absences.

Not all remote work tools are made equal. 

With Vacation Tracker, you get a tool that is customizable and easy to use.

Vacation Tracker is the best leave tracking tool for remote work. Get your remote team set up with this user-friendly software in just a few minutes.

When your remote employees need to book leaves or track absences, they get frustrated and are dissatisfied with the whole process. Does this sound familiar? When the leave process is disorganized, the team is set up for failure.

To skip the discomfort of tracking leaves on Excel spreadsheets, or on lagging software, switch to a seamless, Slack-integrated remote work tool. Switch to Vacation Tracker!

Vacation Tracker is Slack-Integrated and Easy to Set-up

Unlike some other remote work tools, it really is easy to set up your organization. All of the required information is imported directly from Slack. Whenever an Administrator makes a change to your team in Slack, Vacation Tracker will be updated as well.
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A Remote Work Tool That Meets All Requirements

Software for a remote team needs to be quick and responsive. Otherwise, team members will not want to interact with it! With Vacation Tracker, to request time off, team members enter /vacation into any Slack channel or DM, and follow the on-screen instructions. It only takes 5 clicks to book a leave!

Administrator Dashboard for Approving or Denying Leaves & Much More!

A Vacation Tracker team Administrator can consult the online Dashboard before approving or denying any leave request. While on the Dashboard, Administrators can also get a full overview of their team members' leave statuses, pending requests and upcoming leaves. From the Dashboard, they can create new teams, appoint Approvers, set notifications, customize leave types, export reports and more.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have some questions ? Find answers in our FAQ.

How long does the free trial last?

Your free Vacation Tracker trial period lasts for 14 days.

Which features are included in the free trial?

During your trial period you’ll get access to all of our features. You will gain access to the Vacation Tracker dashboard as well, where you can keep track of absolutely everything.

Do I have to enter my credit card during the free trial?

No credit card is required to start your free trial period.

Do you offer discounts to non profit organizations?

If you are interested to learn about our discounts, please contact us at hello@vacationtracker.io or start a chat with us.

How can I contact Vacation Tracker support?

We’re proud to say that we will be with you every step of the way. Simply contact us at support@vacationtracker.io and we will be more than happy to help.

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