Vacation Tracker Development Roadmap

Track the development and releases of Vacation Tracker’s key features. We’re constantly making small improvements that are published on our Changelog page.

Coming Soon

  1. Roles and Permissions In progress
  2. Open API and Zapier integration
  3. Better calendar integration (Outlook and Google)
  4. Reminders if requests have not been approved
  5. Summary of vacation/leave notifications (end of day for admins)
  6. Allow addition to consecutive days that are the same leave type

Recently Completed

  • MS Teams Integration
  • The calculation for available days is based on team member start date
  • Teams and Locations
  • Individual URLs for each Dashboard Tab
  • 25 customizable Leave Types
  • Grab the Calendar Feed link from the Calendar page
  • Allow/deny going over the allowed Leave Type limit
  • “Add Reason” mandatory or not mandatory for any Leave Types
  • User profiles accessible by clicking on the user icon
  • Quick summary of the used and remaining days off through Slack
  • “Two Half Days in One”
  • Push button for daily and weekly notifications
  • Manually editing the half-day amount of custom leaves on each user’s page
  • Google Workspace (G-Suite)
  • Change the default Department.
  • Allow adding past leaves
  • Editing leaves