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Vacation Tracker is ready to accelerate the global transition to automated leave management, one business at a time.

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A fully-customizable, remote leave tracking solution

Reliable Integration

Vacation Tracker works where you work -- whether that's on Slack, Microsoft Teams, or Google Workspace.

Easy leave approval

Approve and request leaves in just a few clicks, directly from your workspace.

Tailored notifications

Stay informed of all upcoming leaves in your organization with Vacation Tracker's daily or weekly notifications.

Fantastic customer support

We run on customer feedback, and we're committed to ensuring your leave tracking process is as easy as it can be.

Keep track of everything leave-related from the Vacation Tracker dashboard

Our online dashboard is your portal to unlocking the full power of Vacation Tracker.

Here, you can customize all your Settings, create and manage Leave Types, set Leave Policies, set up Notifications, view User Profiles and much more. Click below to get a brief overview of all the features that come equipped with our leave tracker.

  • Custom Leave Types
  • Locations
  • Departments
  • Calendar sync
  • Accruals
  • Labels
  • Roles
  • Filters
  • Reporting
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And start booking PTO days in seconds

Ready, set, Vacation Tracker.

Get up and running in no time — once you choose your integration, all you have to do is customize your Settings to start booking leaves in just a few clicks.


Your next vacation is just a Slack command away. Install the Slackbot to easily request and approve leaves directly from Slack.

Microsoft Teams

Keep track of your leave activity from Microsoft Teams’ tabs, and just type in “Request a leave” to start booking leaves. As simple as that.

Google Workspace

With our Google Workspace integration, you can get everything from leave requests to approval, directly in your inbox.

Here's what our customers say about us.

More than 100,000 people use our PTO tracker to automate their leave tracking. Will you be next?

Vacation Tracker is used by companies across all industries, from all around the world, for one main reason — we make leave tracking as simple as it should be. From large corporations, educational institutions, to churches, every business out there can benefit from a reliable employee leave tracking solution. And now, it’s your turn.

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