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    We know how it is, leave management is tedious! You’re probably using either an outdated system or relying on bloated HR software which is unnecessarily complex.

    Which leads to poor visibility of who is off and when, which impacts on service delivery.

    It leads to people dreading the processes of requesting leave which can even effect company morale.

    If you’re a company that wants to live up to their company culture and promote work life balance. At the very least you need a simple process for your staff to book off vacations!

    We know about these struggles becuase we’ve been in that situation ourselves. Infact that’s why we created Vacation Tracker.

    The best part is, simplicity is our motto. You don’t need to sign into yet another system when you login. Vacation tracker works within Microsoft Teams and Slack.

    And no complicated systems or process which need to be explained everytime somone needs to request leave.

    On this page you can apply for a free demo of Vacation Tracker and have one of our experts audit your current process to see how you could save time and money.

    Apply now by the form on this page!

    What You’ll Learn

    The goal of our demo and free process audit is to help you identify how you can improve your absense management processes:

    • How to reduce workforce leave conflicts
    • How to save time by moving away from overly complex HR systems
    • How to create a leave request process employees don’t want to bypass or ignore
    • How to integrate applications so you don’t need more logins
    • ​How to automate calculations to speed up reporting
    • How to use self service to empower employees

    Remote-friendly leave tracking solution

    vacation tracker approval

    Simplified Leave Approval

    Request any type of leave, within seconds, without having to leave your favorite collaboration tool.

    vacation tracker notifications

    Custom Notifications

    Set daily, weekly notifications, or both and keep the entire team up to date of upcoming leaves.

    vacation tracker multiple locations

    Multiple Team Management

    Vacation Tracker is remote team friendly. Tracking leave for teams in several locations just got easier.

    vacation tracker support

    Fantastic Customer Support

    We run on feedback. We’re dedicated to responding to your concerns and improving Vacation Tracker.

    Here’s what our customers say about us.

    A leave management tool your team can rely on.

    Simplified Leave
    Approval Process

    To book a half-day, a full day, or a multiple-day leave using Vacation Tracker, visit the Dashboard or use the Vacation Tracker bot.

    Once the request is submitted, an Administrator or Approver will be notified to approve or deny the leave request instantly.

    Tailored Notifications

    Set up notifications on Vacation Tracker for an entire organization or tailor them to each team. Customize the time of the notifications, and pick the Slack or Microsoft Teams channel on which they will appear.

    Weekly or daily notifications can be configured by an Administrator, to keep all team members informed about scheduled leaves.

    Vacation Tracker Notifications


    The Administrator Dashboard provides a comprehensive overview.

    On the Vacation Tracker Dashboard, Administrators can easily approve or deny requests, set Leave Types, manage Notifications, and customize all Settings.

    Discover more Vacation Tracker features, or visit Helpdesk for more information.

    What does the free demo process look like?

    1. You apply for the free demo

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    2. A team member will contact you

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    3. We coordinate an appointment together.

    We will coordinate a date and time that suits you for your free demo.

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