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Best Destinations For November Sun

Best Destinations For November Sun

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November is officially around the corner, and today we’re looking at some amazing travel destinations to catch some November sun. We have four more months until New Year, so it’s the ideal time to book our last summer vacation of the year.


If you’ve ever wanted to visit Dubai, November is the right time to do so. During the summer, it can get very hot in Dubai, but in November, the temperature is around 31C. It’s like you’re on your summer vacation in the middle of November.

Besides its temperature, Dubai attracts visitors from all over the world for many other reasons. One of the most famous ones is architecture. Dubai is constantly changing and improving. It’s famous for being ranked fifth in the world for the number of skyscrapers. 177 to be exact. But, as we’ve mentioned, it’s ever-evolving, so this number is sure to change any time now. Chances are you’ve at least once heard of Burj Khalifa. It’s an 830m-tall tower that dominates the Dubai skyscraper-filled skyline.

If you’re a fan of luxury shopping, and a lively nightlife scene, you’ll be happy to know that Dubai has got it all. It has many shopping centers which is a dream come true for any shopaholic out there. One of the most famous ones is definitely the Mall of the Emirates.

However, while other destinations may not be as popular during November, for Dubai, this is probably peak season. With that being said, expect a lot of tourists with you on Jumeirah Beach.

Best Destinations For November Sun

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Another perfect November destination is Chiang Mai, Thailand. The peak season in Chiang Mai, Thailand begins in November and ends in February. This is no surprise considering that the temperature at that time varies from 24C to 31C.

But, Chiang Mai has a lot more to offer during November than just great temperature and cool, dry weather. One of the most important reasons for visiting Chiang Mai during November is because of the beautiful Loi Krathong festival. The annual lantern festival is celebrated on the full moon of the 12th lunar month. During the festival, thousands of lanterns are released into the night sky and it’s without a doubt, one of the most beautiful sights.

Chiang Mai has a lot more to offer, from elephant sanctuaries to glorious temples. It really is an amazing destination with lots to explore, and it’s definitely one of the best choices when it comes to catching some November sun.

Best Destinations For November SunCancun, Mexico

Mexico is ideal to catch some sun during the cold winter months, and it’s probably one of the most popular destinations during November.

Cancun is a Mexican city, bordering the Caribbean Sea. It is known for its stunning beaches, various resorts, and nightlife. The average temperature during November is 25C, and it rises to 29C as the year comes to an end.

The city offers an abundance of fun, amazing shopping malls, white sand beaches, and historic landmarks. It really is the perfect choice when it comes to a lovely November holiday.

Best Destinations For November Sun

Whether you’re looking for a summer getaway in November, or you’re rushing towards the cold mountains and cities, you have plenty of options out there. And the best part is that whatever you choose, you can never go wrong.

We’ve created a list of our top three destinations for catching some November sun, which will hopefully help you out during your November getaway search.

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