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PTO Accruals Calculator

Save yourself tons of hassle, manual number crunching, and valuable time with our handy PTO Accrual calculator! Keep scrolling to learn more about how it works.

PTO Accruals Calculator

What are Accruals?

PTO accrual is the accumulation or gradual increase of your paid time off hours during the year. Accrued PTO is the type of leave your employees earn over time, based on the number of days or hours they’ve worked.

Our PTO Accruals calculator helps you easily calculate the amount of time off you will accrue every period or by a certain date, helping you automate any manual calculation in just a few clicks.

PTO Accrual Calculator

PTO Accruals Calculator

How many hours/days do I earn each time period?

This basic version of the calculator is built to help automate simple PTO accrual and shows you the total hours you can accrue in each period.

PTO Accruals Calculator

How many hours/days will I accrue at a certain date?

This calculator includes considerations such as your starting PTO balance, current PTO usage, a cap on your limit, and more to give you a better understanding of your quota left.

PTO Accruals Calculator

When will I have a certain amount of hours/days?

This calculator shows you the PTO you can accrue on a certain date, all while considering the PTO you’ve used so far, the start date of accrual, and more.

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