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The Story of Vacation Tracker

In 2015, we were a budding software development start-up, facing a challenge that many other growing businesses face: we were losing track of team attendance and leave management. That’s when we turned to a few attendance tracking apps, only to be disappointed. These apps were overly complex and expensive. We needed a simple and cost-effective solution. We tried Google Calendar and Excel, but these were too basic and didn’t offer the Notification function that our team was looking for.

Our primary communication tool at the time was Slack. So with the help of our CTO, who’s very well-versed in anything Slack-bot related, we decided to build our own Slack-based leave tracker. In August 2016, we set off to build the simplest possible employee attendance tracker. At first, our team worked on Vacation Tracker in bursts. By January 2018, our team’s calendar was still in Google, and it was a mess. We decided to prioritize Vacation Tracker. The first beta was launched at the end of March 2018. After that launch, we still had a lot of kinks to work out. Another 3 months later, Vacation Tracker was officially launched. Fast-forward to 2020. All of our team’s leaves are monitored through Vacation Tracker. We’ve solved our leave management problem, and now, you can too!

Meet Our Team

Lav Crnobrnja


Slobodan Stojanovic


Srdjan Prpa


Aleksandra Simovic


Dusanka Boras


Pavle Neskovic


Nikola Musikic


Katarina Indjic


Ajla Musovic


+ Help & Support from Cloud Horizon’s Team.

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