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The Story of Vacation Tracker

The idea behind Vacation Tracker was born when we, like most other young start-ups, faced a dilemma that many growing businesses face — it was getting hard to keep track of our team’s attendance and time off. 


We quickly realized that tracking everyone’s time off is a seriously painful task when you use old-school tools like Excel spreadsheets. We needed a better way to keep track of our vacation times and absences. So naturally, we turned to attendance tracking apps to help solve our problem. 


After searching for weeks, we were quite surprised at how difficult it was to find an app that met our needs. The apps available either cost an arm and a leg or just didn’t seem to be a good fit for our team. 


It had become clear to us that businesses like ours needed a powerful and affordable solution to track attendance and paid time off. An app that was functional, professional, and did exactly what we needed it to do at a reasonable price. And thus, our search for the perfect leave tracking app led to the creation of our own: Vacation Tracker. We wanted to focus on providing a simple and intuitive interface that would make it easy for employers and employees to track time off. 


At the time, Slack was our primary tool for communicating as a remote team. Slobodan, our CTO, has always been passionate about chatbots and things took off fast once he got involved. By August 2016, with the help of Srdjan, our developer, and Lav, our CEO, we began working on Vacation Tracker in bursts.


In March 2018, we started out with a Slack bot and a dashboard to handle our time off requests — today, we offer three integrations, a ton of new features, and have more than 1,500 companies using our little digital assistant in 2021. Isn’t that crazy?


Powered by our users’ feedback, we love creating solutions to the leave tracking problems they’ve encountered. That’s why we’re working hard every day to ensure that we’re not only the best leave tracking solution out there, but your favorite one too!

Meet Our Team

Lav Crnobrnja


Slobodan Stojanovic


Srdjan Prpa


Aleksandra Simovic


Jovana Kovac


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Shyla Nunes


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