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Increase Productivity by Using Slack in HR

Increase Productivity by Using Slack in HR

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It’s been used so much in the past few years that seems like productivity has become the business equivalent for cosmetic treatments like botox or fillers. Like movie stars and celebrities who’re desperately looking for ways to stay young, business owners search for the answer to one burning question. Do you guess? How to increase productivity. Even though nobody has a definite answer to how to work less and achieve more, there are plenty of ways that can come in handy while discussing the topic. That’s why we decided to offer you a few ways to increase productivity by using Slack in HR.

You can use Slack in HR to track employee’s leave

Slack is an awesome tool we gladly use in our day-to-day business activities. No wonder there are so many Slack tools and integrations to help us stay productive. One of them is Vacation Tracker, a leave-tracking app that enables small to midsize businesses and enterprises to track their employees’ leave in a no-fuss, clean and fast way.

A tedious and time-consuming task takes now seconds to do, which leaves enough space for more important and urgent things.  Productivity rises when filling out complicated Excel sheets replacing modern slack bots like Vacation Tracker. If you don’t believe us, why don’t you try our first 7-day trial?

Or, you can use Slack in HR to engage your employees

As much as we love to talk about employee productivity, we love to talk about employee engagement. This is an approach we use in the workplace to motivate employees to give the best out of themselves and stay committed to the task they do. Consequently, engaged employees are more motivated and productive.

Using Slack in HR can greatly help in employee engagement. Peakon is one of the tools that do just that. To be more precise, this slack bot was able to automate various processes closely related to HR such as feedback collection, analysis, and delivery. This tool enables employees to make their opinions known, which is one of the ways for boosting employee’s engagement and productivity.

Slack in HR enables employees to keep their communication flow in check

There are plenty of ways to use Slack in HR to increase productivity in the workplace. Most of them include some custom-made options, slack bots, and extensions but we tend to forget that Slack itself is a great productivity tool.

Effective communication in the workplace plays a big role when it comes to increased productivity. Communication has the power of influencing employees’ behavior and the way they do their tasks. And that’s just what Slack does! It helps employees stay in touch by enabling them a virtual coworking space, a place to chat, share opinions and discuss projects.

Slack in HR can help employees boost their productivity by acknowledging their efforts

We’re so quick to oversee the power of acknowledgment in business, especially to boost one’s productivity levels. Different people are driven by different things: someone needs money to know the job they’re doing is good. Someone appreciates a good word or an additional free day. Whatever the case is, the one proven way of boosting productivity is acknowledging employees’ work.

Kudos is a Slackbot that does just that: enables managers and employees to give and receive recognition messages right from their Slack accounts. This is how companies can use Slack in HR to acknowledge employees and increase their overall productivity and engagement.

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