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How Orbital Mechanics mastered PTO tracking for good

Orbital Mechanics is an innovative and forward-thinking film production company based in Montreal, specializing in the captivating realm of the Sci-Fi genre. As a boutique-style company, they take pride in their small yet highly skilled team, ensuring an intimate and dedicated approach to every project they undertake and aim to create awe-inspiring cinematic experiences that transport audiences to extraordinary worlds.

Discover how our tool has helped Kim, COO at Orbital Mechanics, effectively master and manage all things PTO at her company!

Company Snapshot

Company Snapshot
Industry Film Production
Location Montreal, Canada
Company size 15 employees
Founding year 2022

``Vacation Tracker has made my life so much easier!``


Chief Operations Officer

The Objective

Prior to adopting Vacation Tracker, Orbital Mechanics relied on a combination of spreadsheets and Track, a tool used for tracking individual shots during filming. While Track provided insights into the duration of employee work on specific shots, managing leaves such as vacations and sick days was a cumbersome process conducted manually using spreadsheets.

Surprise, surprise: this manual approach did indeed prove to be a significant headache for their team. Upon assuming her role, Kim, the company’s new COO, recognized the need for a more streamlined solution.

Then, with a stroke of luck (and a Google search) — she found Vacation Tracker.

The Solution

Before using Vacation Tracker, Orbital Mechanics followed a manual process for requesting and approving leave.

It worked like this: when an employee needed time off, they would typically approach HR to verify their available days. HR would then get confirmation from management regarding the request, and once approved, the leave details would be manually added to a calendar and updated in a spreadsheet.

Phew — sounds exhausting, right?

Between countless email chains and Excel, reviewing and approving a leave request became a time-consuming endeavor, and the overall process was just a mess. Their team needed a system that was scalable, integrated with Slack, and had a user-friendly interface with easy setup. When looking for a solution, Kim had the following goals in mind:

  1. The ability to scale the system as needed
  2. Integration with Slack
  3. A user-friendly interface and easy setup

Results seen at Orbital Mechanics

“The biggest selling point is that [Vacation Tracker] integrates into Slack. Everything before was emails or spreadsheets. You couldn’t just contact anyone regarding leave, you had to contact the right person. Now, all you have to do is type /vacation,” Kim says.

Orbital Mechanics leverages several key features of Vacation Tracker, each contributing to a smoother and more efficient leave management process.

Fully automated leave management

Everyone at Orbital Mechanics can now effortlessly add different leave types and customize them to align with their unique company.

Being a remote office with multiple departments, Orbital Mechanics benefits from Vacation Tracker’s ability to handle various leave types effectively. From basic leave tracking to mastering complex calculations like accruals and time off in lieu, our tool accommodates their diverse requirements, ensuring accurate tracking and management throughout. Everyone can easily access their quotas, request time off, and have peace of mind knowing that everything is well-documented and accounted for.

Easily accessible and customizable

Another favorite feature for Orbital Mechanics is the centralized view of all leaves in one place through Slack and the Dashboard. This provides a comprehensive leave-related overview, making it convenient to track and manage employee PTO. Additionally, seamless calendar integration allows users to sync their leave information effortlessly, ensuring everyone stays on top of their schedules.

From our customization options to centralized leave tracking, seamless calendar integration, and intuitive notification system, Vacation Tracker has earned high praise by everyone at Orbital Mechanics.

Thanks for being a valued customer, Kim!

Vacation Tracker
Features Used

Slack Integration

Slack Integration

With Vacation Tracker, you can easily request, approve, and track time off, all from within your Slack workspace. This makes it easier for your team to stay informed and up-to-date on absences, without having to leave their collaboration tool.

Dashboard Features

Dashboard Features

Vacation Tracker allows you to create multiple locations with customized leave policies and national holidays, ensuring compliance with local laws. Every feature is customizable and scalable depending on your needs.

Customization features

Customization features

You can easily customize all internal settings to suit the unique needs of your organization within our tool. The possibilities for customizing are endless!