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How SharpLaunch took their PTO tracking from chaos to clarity

SharpLaunch is a marketing solution that empowers commercial real estate teams to excel in the digital age, offering a comprehensive suite of tools and services that helps companies achieve their goals with ease and efficiency. Read on to learn more about how our tool has helped Chris from SharpLaunch do the same in successfully changing leave management for the better at his company!

Company Snapshot

Company Snapshot
Industry Commercial real estate marketing
Location Portsmouth, United States
Company size 20 employees
Founding year 2015

“Vacation Tracker gets the job done – what else do I need?”


Vice President of Sales

The Objective

Whether you believe it or not, prior to using Vacation Tracker, employees at SharpLaunch used to just… go on vacation. 

“If we weren’t using an automated system: we’d use a manual system but it’s hard to put a quantity of time,” Chris says. Long story short, there was no consistency, planning, or meetings organized prior to taking leaves. In addition to that, they also had a company-wide unlimited vacation policy, which made keeping track of any PTO even harder. In Chris’s opinion, the biggest issues their team faced were visibility and keeping their teams up-to-date, which is what they aimed to solve with a leave management solution like ours.

SharpLaunch Case Study

The Solution

For SharpLaunch’s team of roughly 20 employees, having no set system in place meant starting from scratch. Since they had a history of not using any methods to manage leaves, employees (or even HR) never kept track of any leaves whatsoever — people would just “leave” work. Hence, automating all aspects of leave management was absolutely essential. Furthermore, when looking for a solution, Chris had the following goals in mind:

  1. Direct integration with every employee’s calendars
  2. An array of PTO customization options (including unlimited leave policy)
  3. Easy to use with minimal team training 

Results seen at SharpLaunch

A fully automated leave management process

“For me, it does everything I need it to do,” Chris says.

Having used Vacation Tracker at his previous company, Chris has witnessed firsthand the benefits of using a tool like ours and mentions “it’s great to have less thing to worry about.” Now, all leaves taken across the Spain and Detroit offices of SharpLaunch are automatically managed on our software. All this, without him having to lift a finger. How cool is that?

Ease-of-use and user-friendly interface

Vacation Tracker has proven to be an invaluable solution for SharpLaunch’s leave management needs. With the ability to set up and track various leave types and locations, our platform has made it easy for them to manage employee leave in a seamless and organized manner. Furthermore, since they transitioned from having no leave management methods in place to fully automating the process, we would definitely consider this a big win for his entire team.

Thanks for being a valued customer, Chris!

Vacation Tracker
Features Used

Customizable leave policies

Customizable leave policies

With Vacation Tracker, you can easily customize your leave policy settings to suit the needs of your organization. In SharpLaunch’s case, they used our tool to track, automate and manage their company-wide unlimited leave policy in just a few clicks.

Slack integration

Slack integration

Thanks to our Slackbot, Vacation Tracker users can easily track, manage and request leaves from right within their workspace. From receiving leave notifications to viewing your leave history, we have you covered.

External calendar sync

External calendar sync

Sync your official leave activity on Vacation Tracker with external calendars such as iCal, Outlook, Google Calendar, and more with our personalized calendar integration link.