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4 Affordable Fall Weekend Getaways

4 Affordable Fall Weekend Getaways

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When the time starts dragging and you start feeling restless it’s a clear sign you need a vacation. If this perfectly describes you this fall, then you should book those tickets ASAP. However, choosing where to go can become a problem: sometimes there’s too much choice. This is why we picked out and made a list of ultimate fall weekend getaways for you to choose.

1. Budapest, Hungary.

Temperature:  24°C high; 16°C low

Season: Autumn.

Best for: Couples.

Top attractions: Parliament building.

Budapest is a good destination for visiting a year around. Especially if you’re trying to steal some time and enjoy romance with your significant other. Located on the Danube, this Hungarian capital amazes us with its ancient spirit mixed with fast-paced modern culture. Beautiful and timeless  19th century Chain Bridge connects flat Pest with hilly Buda, a great symbol of timeless love and eternal friendship.

Great food, amazing landscape and architecture are full of history. Those are the words that describe Budapest and reasons why we think it should be first on the list of perfect fall weekend getaways.

4 Affordable Fall Weekend Getaways

2. Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Temperature:  19°C high; 11°C low

Season: Autumn.

Best for: Free spirits.

Top attractions: Rijksmuseum.

When we say “getaway” we’re usually thinking about some peaceful retreat in nature. But not everybody yearns for jacuzzi and spa. For adventurous spirits getaway means excitement, buzz and being on the constant move. That’s how Amsterdam made its place on our fall weekend getaways list.

Artistic heritage combined with the urban nature of the city amazes us with its narrow houses with gabled facades from over three centuries ago. Plenty to see when it comes to art, Amsterdam’s Van Gogh Museum, Rijksmuseum and Stedelijk will satisfy the ones enjoying the art.

4 Affordable Fall Weekend Getaways

3. Portland, Oregon.

Temperature:  17°C high; 9°C low

Season: Autumn.

Best for: Everybody.

Top attractions: Forest Park.

We love Portland! This is among the ultimate fall weekend getaways for everyone who loves nature. Saturdays are especially interesting in Portland given their Portland Saturday Market.  Forest Park can be seen both from the bike or crossed by foot and its one of the most amazing gifts nature brought us.

4 Affordable Fall Weekend Getaways

4. New York, New York.

Temperature:  22°C high; 16°C low

Season: Autumn.

Best for: Everybody.

Top attractions: Statue of Liberty, Staten Island.

New York is among the most popular destinations for people all around the globe. However, it might be affordable only to those living in the nearby areas and for the ones who are willing to sacrifice good accommodation for the wonders of the Big Apple.

See where it all began for Samantha, Miranda, Carry, and Charlotte. Meet the urban culture in this city brings and eat the most delicious food both from the restaurant and local joints.

4 Affordable Fall Weekend Getaways

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