Bring Doropomo
into Slack with a few simple

Free Time Tracker.

Increase your team’s productivity using the
Pomodoro method

Start your first task, and work for 25 minutes.

Take a short break after each 25-minute interval.

Take a long 20-minute break after 4 Pomodoros.

Make the Pomodoro method work for you with a few simple commands.

Create To-Do List For The Day

Create your to-do list for the day, and you’re all set to start tracking your time.

All you have to do is write down your tasks, and the number of Doropomos expected for each one.

Start Tracking Time

In order to start tracking time, select the START option and the countdown is in progress.

Before the clock starts, select the task that you want to start working on from your To-do list.

Track Distractions

If a distraction occurs during the completion of your task, you can easily record it with a simple /doropomo distraction command, and review it after.

Long/Short Break

After each Doropomo, you’ll have a short break in order to recharge and continue working on your tasks.

A long break occurs after a certain number of Doropomos, which can be customized in the Settings.


Customize for how long you want the Doropomo to last, the duration of the short and the long break.

From Settings, you can easily export awesome reports and review your progress.


When the day is done, you can easily go through all of your completed tasks. Review how long it took you to complete them, and which distractions occured along the way.

Tracking time has never been easier.

Be productive like never before.

Free Time Tracker.