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Episode 3: Customization in Vacation Tracker

With Katarina Indjic and Khushi Gupta

Office Hour

Learn to use Vacation Tracker like a pro!

Get your questions answered and streamline your workflow with Kat and Khushi. In our first episode, we’ll cover requesting leaves, checking balances, and understanding error messages.

Don’t miss out on our upcoming episodes, where we’ll dive deeper into customization options, Accruals and Notifications, integrations, and more. Optimize your leave management with Vacation Tracker!

Things we’ll cover in Episode 3: Vacation Tracker 101

  • We’ll reveal neat customization tricks for Vacation Tracker
  • Demonstrate how to adjust locations, rules, user quotas, and working weeks
  • and a lot more!

Episode 1: Vacation Tracker 101

Episode 2: Accruals

Episode 3: Customization in Vacation Tracker

About our hosts


Katarina Indjic and Khushi Gupta

Katarina Indjic is a part of the Customer Success department, and Khushi Gupta is a part of the Marketing department. They have been with Vacation Tracker for several years now, during which they have shown a great interest in leave tracking and have solidified their presence as our very own leave tracking gurus.

During the years they have been with Vacation Tracker, they’ve mastered our system and know it inside out.

In this webinar, they share everything they have learned from her experience — including some top leave tracking pain points, how you can solve them, and some knowledge for you to easily make your leave tracking hassle-free.

About Vacation Tracker

Vacation Tracker is an all-in-one leave management solution that helps teams self-manage, and get real-time visibility & transparency over their PTO in just a few simple clicks.

Using our tool, you can convert a complicated and often lengthy leave tracking process to just a few easy steps, leaving behind the pain of using spreadsheets for good.


Our highly-customizable approach to leave tracking also allows our users to fit our tool into the way they work, and not vice-versa. Hence, all the flexibility you need to customize and tailor our tool is at your fingertips.

Over 1500+ companies ranging from big corporations to small businesses, from all across the world love using Vacation Tracker to automate every aspect of their leave management. Are you next?