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Simplify complex parts of your PTO process in seconds

Our powerful add-ons help you tackle compliance challenges with ease and run automations that are unique to your team’s leave policies.

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Simplify complex parts of your PTO process in seconds

Why include Add-ons to your plan?

Add-ons are designed to eliminate headaches over complex manual calculations and reclaim lost hours from endless back-and-forth on email, all while streamlining your workflow for a smoother, stress-free PTO experience.

Seniority Entitlements

Seniority Entitlements

Recognize your loyal employees by providing them with tenure-based leave benefits.

Award additional days off to employees who have been at your company for a certain number of years. Then, choose when these policies become effective, whether it's from the current year or a specific start date.

Entitlements by Role

Promote role-based recognition in your team by awarding employees with extra time off.

Similar to Seniority Entitlement, you can also offer additional days off based on your employees’ roles. Apply these policies to users belonging to one or more labels and customize them to align with your leave types.

Entitlements by Role
Blackout Period

Blackout Period

Easily restrict employees from taking time off during certain time frames such as busy seasons.

Simply customize your blackout periods to apply to all users or select specific team members. You can also add an auto-reject reason to inform your team why their leave request is denied. 

Elevate your paid plan with our Add-ons

Customize each Add-ons to match your unique leave policies and compliance challenges, so you never have to deal with unexpected PTO troubles again.


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“The ease with which everyone transitioned across to using Vacation Tracker without asking a million questions was impressive!”

Romana R.

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“Set it and forget it. New users come on, they get added to Vacation Tracker, and it just works.”
Mark F.

Partner, Buffkin Baker

“Having easy updates on who’s taking time off, and when, has helped our team be more connected than ever.”
Yami R.

People Operations, Team Blind

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