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How Daily/Weekly Notifications Work

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    The features mentioned in this article have been upgraded, and the information presented may not be up to date. Please view our recent articles, and learn about the new version of Vacation Tracker.

    With Vacation Tracker, you’ll never have to worry about coming into the office, and finding out that the person you were counting on isn’t in today. The Vacation Tracker chatbot will be sure to let you know on time who is out of the office which day. You can configure weekly notifications, daily notifications or both depending on your organization’s needs.

    Your Vacation Tracker chatbot will send managers a daily summary of all the pending requests from your team. And once approved, managers and team members will receive reminders directly in Slack about upcoming vacations, days off and holidays.

    How to Set Daily/Weekly Notifications

    To set your daily/weekly notifications, go to the administrator dashboard, and you can do everything from there. You can access the administrator dashboard by going to https://app.vacationtracker.io/signup or by clicking “Open Dashboard” in Slack.

    In your dashboard, you can also approve or deny vacation requests, manually set the number of days off for each team member, set multiple teams, check history, set vacations, set-up calendar feeds, and export your data into a CSV file.

    How Daily/Weekly Notifications Work

    After you open the administrator dashboard, go to the “Settings” tab and open “Notifications”. By default, only weekly notifications are turned on, however, as an administrator, you can modify that option and add daily notifications.

    In the “Notification” tab, you can manually set the Slack channel you want the notifications for, time zone, and the day and time.

    How Daily/Weekly Notifications Work

    According to your settings, team members can receive two types of notifications, daily and weekly.

    Weekly Notifications

    This is how weekly notifications are shown to your team members.

    How Daily/Weekly Notifications Work

    In addition to team members who will be away from the office, the notifications will also include upcoming holidays. In case no team member requested vacation for the next week, you’ll still get a notification about the upcoming holiday.

    How Daily/Weekly Notifications Work

    Daily Notification

    This is how daily notifications are shown to your team members. We’ll be sure to send a notification about who’s out of the office on that specific day, and also tomorrow.

    How Daily/Weekly Notifications Work

    Another update to the weekly notification is the addition of  “View Calendar” and “Dashboard” buttons. “View Calendar’ will take the user to this page: https://app.vacationtracker.io/signup/calendar. The upcoming days off tab will be selected by default.

    “View Dashboard” will take the user to this page: https://app.vacationtracker.io/signup/dashboard/year-view.

    Our team is constantly working on improving Vacation Tracker, and we’re always open for suggestions. If you would like to learn more about our features, or give us feedback, feel free to send us an email at hello@vacationtracker.io and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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