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How to: Daily/Weekly Notifications

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    The features mentioned in this article have been upgraded, and the information presented may not be up to date. Please view our recent articles, and learn about the new version of Vacation Tracker.

    Vacation Tracker is a time off tracker that helps teams all over the world reach their potential through simple time off requests, reliable reminders, customizable leave types and more.

    One of the main problems in every team, whether big or small, is making sure every team members knows who’s out of the office when. Often, people do not know that the team member they were counting on is out of the office. This results in lack of productivity, failure of the project and eventually causes great damage in the company.

    That’s why having a reliable leave management system is essential for every company’s success.

    We’ve build Vacation Tracker in order to help teams improve their leave management processes and ensure productivity in their company. During our development, reminders were our top priority. Today, we’re proud of our daily and weekly notifications used by teams everywhere.

    How Daily/Weekly Notifications Work

    Vacation Tracker sends managers a daily summary of all the pending requests from your team. Once the requests are approved, managers and team members receive reminders directly in Slack about upcoming vacations, days off and holidays.

    With Vacation Tracker, you’ll never have to worry about coming into the office, and finding out that the person you were counting on isn’t in today. We will be sure to let you know on time who is out of the office which day. And you can always configure weekly notifications, daily notifications or both depending on your organization’s needs.

    All this and more. Discover Vacation Tracker, and sign up for a free 7-day trial today. If you are interested in learning more about our features, please go to our FAQ page.

    If you’re interested in a demo, please request a demo today, and we’ll show you how easy it is to use Vacation Tracker, and help you set it up.

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