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How to: Notifications for Teams

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    The features mentioned in this article have been upgraded, and the information presented may not be up to date. Please view our recent articles, and learn about the new version of Vacation Tracker.

    Vacation Tracker helps teams all over the world manage leave with ease. It’s quick and transparent leave management with minimum employee training.

    It’s easy to use, and will save your HR department hours. Your team members can request leave in 10 seconds, and the administrators can approve it in 5 seconds. Instead of wasting their time on endless leave management procedures, they will be able to work on other important tasks in the company. And this way, you make sure each of your team members is always aware of who’s out of the office which day with our daily and weekly notifications.

    Straightforward and easy setup

    Whether you have multiple offices or are based in one location, setting up Vacation Tracker is done within seconds. All you have to do is sign up with Slack, and we’ll grab all the information we need from there. And of course, never worry about adding or removing team members again. When you make changes to your team in Slack, Vacation Tracker will be updated as well.

    Recently, we’ve added the option of active and inactive users, so you can activate those team members who will be using the tool. This way, you only pay for those team members actually using Vacation Tracker.

    Do you have multiple offices?

    If you have multiple offices, the process is the same. You can easily create multiple teams, and assign different administrators for each one of them. If the offices are in different countries, administrators can set different holidays for each one.

    And recently, we’ve implemented another great feature for multiple teams/offices. Now, administrators have the option to set daily and weekly notifications for each team separately. For example, if you have an office in Montreal and another one in California, you can manage which team will get which notifications.

    How to: Notifications for Teams

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