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How To Set Daily Weekly Notifications

How to Set Notifications on Vacation Tracker

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    The features mentioned in this article have been upgraded, and the information presented may not be up to date. Please view our recent articles, and learn about the new version of Vacation Tracker.

    Vacation Tracker is a leave management tool with many useful features, such as daily/weekly notifications.

    With new features added regularly, our “How to” articles go into the details of some of these features. Currently integrated with Slack, it doesn’t require any employee training, because it’s just that user-friendly.


    When you first download the Vacation Tracker app for Slack, you will be able to customize it to fit your organization’s preferences and policies. The customizable features of Vacation Tracker make it the ideal leave tracking system for any team.


    One of these customizable features is Notifications. Daily/weekly notifications can be set at any time.


    Who Can Set Up Notifications?

    Only Administrators can set up Notifications, in the “Settings” page of the Vacation Tracker Dashboard.

    Notifications - Screen Shot 1

    Administrators can easily modify Notification through the “Settings” page.


    Administrators have the highest permission level in Vacation Tracker. They are the only ones able to see and edit all of the company’s settings, as well as individual and team information. In fact, Administrators can make any necessary changes, edit and save any previously created Notifications, at any time.


    Setting Up Daily/Weekly Notifications For a Specific Team

    Administrators can also set up notifications only for a specific team. They can do so by going into the “Teams” page from the Dashboard. They will need to edit the team for which they want to set notifications. The “Edit team” option can be found on the far right of the Team name, Members and Approvers, in more options, represented by the three dots. Clicking these three dots give Admins access to the “Edit team” function.

    Notifications - Screen Shot 2

    Notifications set for a selected team do not affect the global Notifications. To configure the global Notifications, Administrators have to go through the “Settings” page of the Dashboard, and go into the “Notifications” tab.


    Select A Slack Channel for Notifications

    The first step for setting up Notifications is selecting the Slack Channel on which these notifications will appear. The best thing to do would be to pick a channel that your entire team has access to.


    Select A Time Zone 

    Since Vacation Tracker was developed to help track leaves for remote workers and across multiple offices, selecting a time zone is the second step of the process. Notifications will be sent on the chosen Slack channel at the chosen time based on the selected time zone.


    Daily/Weekly Notifications

    Next, an Administrator can set up Daily/Weekly Notifications.

    Vacation Tracker’s Notifications can be customized to your team’s needs. Timely notification can help to better plan workflow, to better prepare for absences, and to prevent out of office surprises.

    Weekly Notification Screenshot

    If weekly notifications are enabled, Vacation Tracker will send a weekly Notification to your team in the chosen channel, at the selected time. They will include information about any upcoming leaves in the following weeks, or details about any upcoming holidays.

    The weekly Notification includes the name of the absent employee and the dates of their scheduled time off, as well as their selected Leave Type, unless the “Hide Leave Type” option is enabled. More on hidden Leave Types, below.


    Daily Notifications Screenshot

    If daily notifications are enabled, Vacation Tracker will send one to your team in the chosen channel, at the selected time. They will include information about any absences and holidays for the current day and for the following day.

    Information that is included in the daily Notification is the name of the absent employee and their return date, as well as their selected Leave Type, unless the “Hide Leave Type” option is enabled.


    Hidden Leave Types and Notifications

    When customizing Leave Types, if the “Hide Leave Type” option is enabled, the Leave Type will be hidden from the Dashboard Calendar and in all Notifications. Only Admins and the users who will request this Leave Type will be able to identify it on the Calendar. The colour of this Leave Type will also be hidden to all other team members with the same access.


    Try This Feature Free for 7-Days

    Vacation Tracker can be customized to your company’s needs to improve your company’s leave management processes.

    If you are interested in learning more about Vacation Tracker, please go to our FAQ page, or request a demo. We would be more than happy to explain how Vacation Tracker could benefit your company and help you set it up.

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