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Take Advantage of Microsoft Teams For Personal Use

Take Advantage of Microsoft Teams For Personal Use

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More and more groups of people are starting to use Microsoft Teams to work together more effectively. As we’ve seen in a previous article, it can be a particularly useful tool for project management.

In fact, Microsoft Teams has been designed as a seamless way for teams to communicate and collaborate in an organizational setting. Whether it’s on a project, or simply to maintain constant communications, this application is undeniably versatile and useful.

However, even if you are not working with a team, you may have projects of your own.

As with any software, there are always tips and tricks that you can apply to use the program in a more effective way. In this article, we will look into different tricks to help you take advantage of Microsoft Teams for personal use.


Why Use Microsoft Teams?

Firstly, managers need to figure out if this tool is the right answer for their team. The creators of Microsoft Teams, and of the whole Office Suite, want business collaboration to be seamless and effortless. Therefore, all of their applications are geared toward simplifying various organizational tasks or processes.

In the past, group communications have involved a number of scheduled meetings, chain emails, conference calls, etc. Getting groups together and on the same page required a lot of effort. The sharing of files would also occur via a patchwork of different services. Indeed, it was a lot easier to miss valuable information.

Over time, various software has been developed to help teams establish clearer and more frequent communications. The most popular of these is probably the Slack app, available for desktop and mobile devices. Nevertheless, Microsoft Teams is quickly gaining users and name recognition.

Furthermore, these programs have even made it possible for remote teams to function as seamlessly as any co-located team. This is due in part to the fact that file sharing has also evolved in leaps and bounds.

Part of the Office Suite, Microsoft’s OneDrive is a powerful runner-up to the popular Google Drive. Indeed, Microsoft’s Office Suite aims to regroup all tools in one place.

In a nutshell, with the addition of Microsoft Teams to its arsenal, the Office Suite has become hard to ignore.


Take Advantage of Microsoft Teams for Personal Use

If you’ve landed on this article, then you must be on the lookout for the best ways to use Microsoft Teams in your personal life.

The wonderful thing about this application is that it can be tailored to many different usage scenarios. Yet, this also means that whatever works for one individual or organization may not necessarily work for you. Hence, all of the guidelines in this article, and anywhere else on the Internet need to be taken with a grain of salt.

Nevertheless, there are a few things that the Pros are doing that you may benefit from. To use Microsoft Teams like a Pro, you need to find and use the integrations that are right for your team. You also should keep track of any upcoming integrations that are quickly becoming available. Finally, the main purpose of Teams is to simplify group communications. Effective users of this software know how to hold excellent meetings.


The Pros Use Integrations

The most commonly stated benefit of Microsoft Teams is that it is integrated with the Office Suite programs. It’s one of the best full-service software because users can seamlessly switch from one app to the next. In fact, users can jump from a group chat to editing a document, or from a PowerPoint presentation to a call.

Indeed, organizations pick Microsoft Teams for its simplicity. However, it doesn’t just integrate with other Microsoft applications. A slew of other integrations exists for Microsoft Teams.

With a task management integration such as Planner, Jira, or Trello, you can seamlessly prioritize and manage tasks. Also, without ever disrupting a conversation, you could run polls in your chat groups with Polly or other survey applications. You can even integrate Twitter into your Microsoft Teams conversations. The options are almost endless.

With the right integrations, your team could securely switch between editing documents, chatting, reviewing their tasks, or even planning their time off.

For more ideas on the Microsoft Teams integrations, you need to get, check out our blog article on the subject.


The Pros Keep Track of Newly Available Integrations

In fact, new software for Microsoft Teams is released every day. Therefore, a pro tip is to keep track of newly available integrations.

As Teams develops new features, you and your team could even help to beta test some of these new integrations.

One of these new integrations is Vacation Tracker for Microsoft Teams. It’s already available as a Slack integration, where it has gained popularity with teams from big household brand names.

In fact, the Vacation Tracker integration for Microsoft Teams has recently been released! Vacation Tracker runs on feedback, therefore first users of this integration will get to shape the app to their preferences. Future users who want to help develop this application can sign up to become the first testers of this software, right now!

Find out why Vacation Tracker is the perfect tool for project managers, HR managers, or any Administrator managing a team. Every team needs a vacation management tool. Teams gravitate to this one in particular, because of the ease of use of this leave-booking tool.

Indeed, it takes mere minutes to set up. It is remote-team friendly. Finally, beta testers will get to use this new integration for three months, free of charge! Now there’s a great pro tip that is also great for your bottom line!

Take Advantage of Microsoft Teams For Personal Use

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