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Remote Work Leads to More Productive Employees

Remote Work Leads to More Productive Employees

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Remote work is a hot topic for quite some time now. Companies started to offer it as a perk, and their number is getting bigger, and bigger 66% of companies allow remote work, and 16% are fully remote. And employees are happy too: 85 percent of remote workers say it was their choice to work remotely. Simply, they wanted more flexibility to organize their lifestyles.


The benefits of remote work go a long way. One Stanford University study proved it by stating the facts like decreased commuting time, lower costs for office supplies, and higher employee accountability. But, remote work cannot go without productivity, a Holy Grail of the business world. That’s why we wanted to examine if remote work increases productivity and why we think so.

Remote work boosts productivity because employees can choose when to work

The great thing about remote work is that it often includes a flexible schedule. Employees working remotely are not strictly tied to one schedule, and they can choose the time they feel most productive to work. This is a significant “upgrade” from traditional nine-to-five systems because it shows employer values task completion over actual hours. This system is motivating and impacts productivity in the right way.

The office environment has a lot of distractions

There is an apparent reason why working from home is better for those who want to work less and do more: there are no distractions. At the office, we spend a significant amount of time discussing with our colleagues. And we can agree 90 percent of those conversations aren’t related to business. Working at home means those distractions are eliminated. Yes, some parts of it can come from our Social media channels. However, if we decide to mute during our work session, we’re able to reach high levels of productivity.

Working from home liberates

Even though we’re still working for one company, remote work gives us the sense of being “our bosses.” We’re entirely free to choose when we’re going to work and finish our daily chores without fishing for excuses. By offering remote work, companies are showing they trust us and that they are sure about our expertise. And that’s something motivating!

Work from home gives us a great life-work balance

Burnout is a sad reality for many employees around the globe. By some statistics, the majority of US workers answer their work emails even after they head home from the day. Working crazy hours and feeling pressure to be present all the time can have a severe impact on our physical and mental health. Working from home gives us the opportunity for a balanced life. It decreases the time we spend commuting and creates a fine boundary between employees and their companies, which disables them from nudging their employees past their work hours.

You want remote work for your company, but you’re afraid of leave tracking?

One fantastic benefit of hiring remote workers is the ability to hire the best talent. Organizations don’t have to limit themselves to their local resources, but they can scout the world looking for the best fit. However, some organizations might be reluctant to implement remote work as a part of their policy.

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