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20+ Slack Communities for CEOs and HR Managers

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Table Of Contents

Slack communities are born out of the desire for industry experts to connect and share. It’s truly impressive how Slack has been able to create a sense of camaraderie across industries and domains.

Let’s back up a little. Unless you’ve been sleeping under a rock, you know that Slack is a real-time team messaging app. Its popularity just keeps on growing. Also, you must know that new and creative uses of Slack are always coming up.

Indeed, organizations use Slack to communicate and collaborate. Actually, for many companies, it has almost completely replaced workplace email.

Another function of Slack is that it can allow people from various organizations to collaborate and connect. In fact, it’s not just for collaboration within a single organization. Slack can be used as a virtual meeting place for like-minded individuals. And that is how Slack communities were formed!

Slack communities are groups, not unlike Facebook Groups, where individuals can connect with and talk to like-minded people.

In today’s article, we will look into some of the top Slack communities for CEOs and HR managers.


People Geeks is for HR professionals who enjoy “geeking out” and talking about their people.

It’s a place to talk about all things people analytics. Users go to this Slack channel to tell other community members what they are working on. It’s also a great place to discuss opportunities, products, and services.

For CEOs, it can be a place to promote a company, project, blog post, etc. This community jokingly asks its members to limit humblebrags to once a week to keep the discussion light and fair for everyone.

Startup Chat 

Startup Chat is the go-to global startup community on Slack. Join it to engage with over 6800 founders and investors from across the globe. This community aims to facilitate discussions, Q&As, AMAs, feedback, and brain trust.

Interestingly, this channel is the foundation of the #startup hashtag. Admins of the channel post tips, announcements, and more regularly. Users are invited to join the channels they want to be in.

Resources for Humans

 Resources for Humans is a community of forward-thinking People Ops leaders looking to advance their craft and network with other professionals. The community’s purpose is to share different ways of working to advance diversity and inclusion in the workplace. They also encourage discussions on how to measure and increase employee engagement.

Additionally, this community aims to discover the latest trends in HR technology. It’s the place to be for any HR manager or CEO looking to invest in the development of their people. Join this Slack community if you are interested in all things learning & development.

Product School

Founded in 2014, Product School is the world’s first technology business school. They provide certified courses in Product Management, Data Analytics, Coding, Digital Marketing, UX Design, and Product Leadership. All of their courses are available in person, but also online.

Renowned product managers teach these courses. These professors work at remarkable technology companies such as Google, Facebook, PayPal, and Netflix. To keep their online alums engaged, the school has an active Slack Community.

Students can discuss projects and ideas in this Slack community. They can collaborate and create new partnerships.

Lewis C. Lin’s Interview Community

The Lewis C. Lin Slack community is there for you to find practice partners for interviews. It’s a really specific and useful group for any manager or aspiring manager.

In this community, you can schedule a mock interview. You can specify what you’d like to practice. You simply need to specify your time zone and availability, and the community will find you a practice interview partner.

Additionally, you can request a resume review or ask for resume advice and critiques. You can even get advice for your next negotiation. How useful!


Growmance is for growth hackers that wish to discuss their strategies and get help from a community of interested parties. Join this Slack community if you are looking to validate an idea or just to get feedback on your work.

Just for fun, they have a channel where community members post-marketing books that they have read and recommend.


#People is a Slack community for HR professionals looking to build better companies. They hold discussions around HR Tech. Moreover, they have a whole channel dedicated to discussing ideas around benefits and perks.

They also provide a platform for HR Managers to discuss interviewing and onboarding.


TechMasters is an online community that aims to tie together a diverse group of technologists, entrepreneurs, and developers from all around the world.

They have a channel called the “Legitimate Businessperson’s Social Club”. The purpose of this channel is to talk about business strategy, business news, and business intelligence. If it has anything to do with Business, this Slack Community is the place to talk about it!

Additionally, if your company is hiring, you can post in their #Jobs channel. It’s also the right place to discuss tools, languages, design patterns, and all other adjacent topics.

Org Designers

Org Designers hosts discussions about improving teams and the workplace. Leaders, HR managers or anyone interested in improving the way organizations function is welcome to join this Slack community.

In one of their channels called #models-and-tools, members share the models and tools that they work with. Through their #links channel, community members share relevant links and articles. On another channel called #events, users share ways to meet in person or online.


Interested in joining the members of the London tech & startup scene? This Slack community includes Accelerators (Techstars, 500 startups, Seedcamp, Mass Challenge), Coworking spaces (WeWork, Rainmaking Loft, Tech Hub), and people from all across the startup community.

Whether you’re a CEO hiring in the London area, either full-time or for freelance projects, this is the community for you. If you post a job offer, expect direct replies from members of this active Slack community.


Sorry guys, this one is for ladies only! If you’re a female CEO looking for a supportive community of women who share your concerns, you’ve come to the right place! This Slack community offers support to females who are thriving in often male-dominated industries, such as tech.

The objective of this community is to have members interact, grow and learn from one another. Members offer tips and advice to one another. It’s a real sisterhood of female founders and CEOs.

To conclude, if you’re intrigued by Slack Communities and want to explore further, below is a list of other communities worth checking out:

  • Startup Study
  • #Launch
  • #freelance
  • Eventjive
  • Equity Directory
  • #Smallbiz
  • #nomads
  • SAAS Alliance
  • Focus Asia
  • Rand Leadership Slack Group
  • FoundedX
  • Hacking HR
  • HRtoHR
  • #RecruitingInnovators
  • #PeoplePeople
Kristina Ousmanova
Kristina Ousmanova

Kristina recently left behind fast-paced life of Human Resource Business Consulting to freelance as a Content Writer. A regular Vacation Tracker contributor, she can be found working remotely from her home in Montreal, usually while eating a variety of snacks.

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