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Vacation Tracker v2.0: Locations

Vacation Tracker v2.0: Locations

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We’re more than happy to announce that we’re adding Locations to Vacation Tracker!


You can create multiple locations to fit your organization’s geographical profile and reflect the real composition of your team members. Whether you have users who are part of the same Department or not, you can still place them in different locations. With Vacation Tracker, each user has only one location.


Creating a new location

Creating locations is done through the Vacation Tracker Dashboard for Administrators.

First login to the Vacation Tracker Dashboard.

On the left-side menu under Settings, you will see Locations. Click on Locations. By default to get you started, Vacation Tracker has already set one location which cannot be deleted. However, the admin can edit this location by default. You will be able to edit and delete other added locations.

default location


To create a new location, click on Create a Location, and a Create Location form will show.


create a location


Fill out the information needed.


Employee Start Date


Another feature available in the new version is the option to track leave by employee start date. You can choose how the leave should be counted either based on the accounting year or the date of the user’s first day of employment. In the dropdown menu for “Leave Quota Reset Based On” choose User Employment Date and proceed with the settings.

Once you set everything, review your information, and click Create Location. Voilà! The newly created location will appear on your Locations page next to the one by default.

created location


Setting Holidays

Holidays are now imported for each Location, on the Locations page on the online Dashboard.


holidays added 


Learn more about Leave Policies and Leave Types. >>


Happy Vacationing!  🏖️


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