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Free Excel Vacation Calendar For Employees

Keeping track of your team’s leave manually can become quite complicated. That’s why we’ve created this Excel Vacation Calendar For Employees where you can manage and keep track of PTO for up to 20 employees.

Free Excel Vacation Calendar For Employees
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    Manage monthly and annual leave for employees

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    Track all paid and unpaid time off

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    Configure leave types

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    For up to 20 employees

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    Easy-to-follow and customizable

What if someone else could do the heavy lifting?

Let’s face the facts: no one like inputting employee leave data onto a boring, pesky spreadsheet, like our Free Excel Vacation Calendar For Employees. Who has time for that?
That’s why you need Vacation Tracker — your new personal assistant for leave management.

Save valuable time

Think about all the time you waste updating Excel spreadsheets and tracking employee leave data on different platforms. Why bother with all that when our leave tracking tool can do it all for you in just a snap?

Make less mistakes

Say goodbye to last-minute leave surprises and manual leave tracking errors with our leave tracking software. We calculate everything for you, so you can stay rest assured that your leave management is in the right hands.

Uncomplicate PTO tracking

Save yourself the hassle of calculating employee leave balances, unused vacation days, and PTO accruals. Let us do the math so you can focus on what you’re here to do: actual work.

Get easy access to leave data

Vacation Tracker works from where you work — whether that’s Slack, Google Workspace, Microsoft Teams, or email. Get all the leave visibility you need right when and where you need it.

Here's how Vacation Tracker helps you master leave tracking

Discover all the features you need to start leave tracking like a pro.

Get 1-click leave request and approval

Get 1-click leave request and approval

Request leave in 3 clicks and approve leaves in just 1 — all from the comfort of your workspace. Get instant updates on leave approval so you can start planning your next vacation right at your desk.

Reporting made easy

Generate reports on employee leave history, leave balances, and more. You can even organize this data by department or subgroup to keep an eye on leave spend in specific areas. You’ll have the data you need to make informed decisions about your team’s time off.

Reporting made easy
Let your team self-manage

Let your team self-manage

Your employees will be empowered by owning their PTO through real-time visibility of their balances for vacation days, sick leave, and more (allowing them to manage their days off more effectively.)

There’s no need to contact upper management if they need to know their request status or remaining leave quota, which fosters a self-managed approach.


Why teams around the world love Vacation Tracker

“The ease with which everyone transitioned across to using Vacation Tracker without asking a million questions was impressive!”

Romana R.

Producer, No Code

“Set it and forget it. New users come on, they get added to Vacation Tracker, and it just works.”
Mark F.

Partner, Buffkin Baker

“Having easy updates on who’s taking time off, and when, has helped our team be more connected than ever.”
Yami R.

People Operations, Team Blind

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have some questions ? Find answers in our FAQ.

Yes, we do offer discounts to non-profit organizations. For more information, please contact our Support team.

If you need more time for your trial, it is possible to extend it. Please reach out to our Support team for assistance.

You can cancel your subscription at any time without incurring any fees, as there is no minimum term commitment.

Vacation Tracker allows only those users who are in your directory to be added, with the exception of users who sign up via email.

Our pricing plans do not impose any user limits; you can have as many users as you want without upgrading to a different plan.

There are no restrictions on the number of Administrators and Approvers you can have in your account.

If you are part of our Complete plan you can create as many departments and locations as you wish, as there is no cap on the number allowed. If you are part of our Core plan, you can create up to 3 Locations and 10 Departments.

If you have further questions or need assistance, please contact us at hello@vacationtracker.io or initiate a chat on our website.