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Maximize Time Off While Ensuring Legal Compliance

With Katarina Opalić


Let's revamp your approach to leave management.

Managing leave can feel overwhelming, with the complexities of legal compliance, accruals, time off in lieu (TOIL), and detailed policy rules. That’s why we created our quarterly Expert Hours.

Hosted by Katarina Opalić, who brings years of experience in Human Resources, Support, and Operations, these sessions offer a deep dive into effective leave management practices.

Katarina’s direct contact with diverse client needs and policies has made her a true expert in the field. Join us every quarter for Expert Hours, where we’ll help you transform your leave tracking from a chore into a streamlined, compliant process.

In our latest Expert Hours episode:

  • What additional benefits are available to your organization and how they can be applied.
  • How to best communicate to your leadership team for them to introduce additional benefits.
  • How to ensure your newly introduced policy is being used properly.
  • How Vacation Tracker can help you automate leave tracking.

About our instructor and host


Katarina Opalić

Katarina Indjic, a key member of the Customer Success team at Vacation Tracker, has established herself as a leave tracking expert over her years with the company. With a deep understanding of our system gained through hands-on experience, she has become an invaluable resource for clients navigating the complexities of leave management.

In our quarterly Expert Hours, Katarina shares her extensive knowledge, addressing common leave tracking challenges and offering solutions to make managing leave straightforward and stress-free.

Join her to transform your leave processes and enhance your understanding of effective leave management.

About Vacation Tracker

Vacation Tracker is an all-in-one leave management solution that helps teams self-manage, and get real-time visibility & transparency over their PTO in just a few simple clicks.

Using our tool, you can convert a complicated and often lengthy leave tracking process to just a few easy steps, leaving behind the pain of using spreadsheets for good.


Our highly-customizable approach to leave tracking also allows our users to fit our tool into the way they work, and not vice-versa. Hence, all the flexibility you need to customize and tailor our tool is at your fingertips.

Over 2000+ companies ranging from big corporations to small businesses, from all across the world love using Vacation Tracker to automate every aspect of their leave management. Are you next?


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