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Download Free Leave Tracker Excel Template for 2022

Managing employees' leave can become a lengthy and complicated process. Our easy-to-use free leave tracker excel template will help you track any type of absences for up to 20 employees.

What You’ll Get From This Template…

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    Monthly and annual leave tracking for 2022

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    Track up to 20 employees` leave

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    Completely customizable leave types

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    Easy-to-follow excel template

Leave the hassle of manual leave tracking behind, and automate the process.

Manual leave tracking is time-consuming and prone to payroll errors. With Vacation Tracker, you'll automate the leave approval process, give you and your team the visibility you need, and ensure accurate reporting.

Teams from well-known brands around the world have successfully automated their leave tracking process with Vacation Tracker. You can do the same today.

Switch to headache-free leave tracking in seconds.

Manage leave without leaving your team’s go-to collaboration tool – Slack, Teams, or Google Workspace.

Enjoy the benefits of one-click leave approval, and increased visibility for you and your team.

Customize the entire system to work for your company – from unlimited locations to custom leave policies.

No need for a lengthy onboarding process. It's that simple.

Switching to a new system usually means a complicated onboarding process. With Vacation Tracker, it’s the exact opposite.

Your team will be able to self-manage from day 1, requesting leave in seconds, checking their leave balances with ease and receiving daily and/or weekly leave updates.

An informed team, is a productive team. We'll keep you up to date.

All of your leave data is now a click away. Integrate Vacation Tracker’s calendar with an external calendar of your choice for increased visibility.

Receive regular leave updates and ensure accurate reporting.

Are you ready to ditch the headaches that come with manual leave tracking?

There’s no need to log all your leaves onto an Excel file ever again. Reduce the lengthy, complicated process of manual leave tracking to just a few simple clicks with Vacation Tracker.