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No.1 Leave Management Solution for Google Workspace

Vacation Tracker is an easy-to-use leave tracking tool that revolutionizes how you manage your team’s PTO requests, directly from Google Workspace.

No.1 Leave Management Solution for Google Workspace

Seamlessly integrated with Google Workspace for hassle-free leave management

Step 1

Manage Leave In Seconds

Track PTO, sick leave, WFH, or any other type of leave within your organization.

Step 2

Notifications of Planned Absences

Sync Vacation Tracker with your favorite calendar and notify your team daily or weekly of planned absences.

Step 3

Remote Team Friendly

Set up multiple departments in different locations and track absences from anywhere in the world.

Step 4

Customer Care

Feel free to reach us anytime and we’ll happily assist you with our attendance tracking software.

Booking leave through Google Workspace has never been this easy.

Track your employee’s paid time off, set leave policies, and streamline your leave management process with Vacation Tracker.

Attendance Tracking Solution

Attendance Tracking Solution

Whether you’re working from home or the office, we’ve got you covered. Your team can track their PTO, attendance, sick leave, or other types of leave, regardless of where they are based.

As an Administrator, you can configure up to 25 Leave Types, according to the needs of your business. Book half-days, full days, or multiple days using the Vacation Tracker dashboard. We assure you, there’s something for everyone.

Perfect companion for Google Workspace

You can let the entire company or specific departments know about planned absences by setting daily and weekly notifications. Adding email addresses onto the Dashboard will ensure that everyone is notified about their upcoming leaves so that no one misses out.

Perfect companion for Google Workspace
The Vacation Tracker Dashboard

The Vacation Tracker Dashboard

The Vacation Tracker Administrator Dashboard gives you a clear record of company-wide leave information, so you can delete those Excel spreadsheets and leave them in the trash.

Thanks to our fresh design and easy navigation, Administrators can easily approve or deny leave requests, create and manage Leave Types, locations, notifications, and other useful customizable options.

For more info see Vacation Tracker features, or visit our Helpdesk.