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Melisa Reyes

Maternity leave starting August 14

Jasper Hanson

Working from home on August 3

Mila Lenka

Paid time off from August 30 to September 7

Aksel Milian

Coming back tomorrow

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Unbeatable plans, unbeatable pricing

Cost-effectiveness is our middle name.

With just a dollar or two added to your employees’ salaries, you can give them the peace of mind of making PTO hassle-free — a feeling which is priceless.

Whether you want to automate basic leave tracking or master every aspect of of your leave management, our plans come equipped with powerful features ready to cater all your needs.

Powerful features that'll transform your experience

From setting up multiple Locations and Departments, calculating PTO accruals to syncing leave data with external calendars, no stone is left unturned when it comes to managing PTO.

Our powerful features can help you automate and master all aspects of leave management, so you can focus on what you’re here to do: work.

We take no days-off for your data's safety

Our top priority at Vacation Tracker is safeguarding our customers’ data, which is why we employ high-level security measures based on industry best practices.

As a testament to our commitment, we have successfully obtained a SOC 2 Type 2 report that attests to our adherence to rigorous standards.

Long story short, your data is safe with our PTO tracker.

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