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Get seamless leave tracking for a more informed and empowered team

Vacation Tracker is a simple tool for tracking, reporting, and delegating paid time off management for growing teams.

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Melisa Reyes

Maternity leave starting August 14

Jasper Hanson

Working from home on August 3

Mila Lenka

Paid time off from August 30 to September 7

Aksel Milian

Coming back tomorrow

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Get set up in minutes. Customize to your heart's content.

Manage leave and get the visibility you need. Integrate with Slack, Teams, or Google Workspace for an easier overview.

Teams just getting started with Vacation Tracker love our one-click leave approval – and automatic approval for leave requests that don’t require it.

Group team members into an unlimited number of departments and locations. Set custom leave policies and holidays for different locations, too.

No complicated onboarding or team training needed

Your team has the option of using Vacation Tracker right inside your collaboration platform (Slack, Microsoft Teams, Google Workspace).

Leave requests, leave balances, and approval notifications live right where everyone already works.

Get real-time visibility into everyone’s leave status in one place

Track leave with the calendar overview, set up and schedule custom notifications, easily run reports.

With Vacation Tracker, all of your data is easily available, up-to-date, and report-ready.

Seamless integration with tools you & your team already use

Vacation Tracker – Leave Tracking for Slack, Microsoft Teams & Google Workspace

Flat monthly rate for up to 25 users. Add more users for just $1 each.

7-day free trial. No credit card required.

Join over 1500+ teams tracking paid time off worry-free

7-day free trial. No credit card required.

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