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Manage PTO requests seamlessly within
Microsoft Teams

Effortlessly manage PTO in Microsoft Teams with Vacation Tracker – a seamless,
solution for a happier and more productive workplace.

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Seamless Communication

Integrating your PTO tracking system with Microsoft Teams ensures that your team can easily request and approve time off without leaving the platform.

Improved Productivity

By having the PTO tracking system within Microsoft Teams, employees can quickly access and manage their time off without switching between multiple tools.

Increased Visibility

Vacation Tracker offers an overview of team members' availability, helping managers plan projects and meetings more effectively by avoiding scheduling conflicts.

Simplified Onboarding

New team members can quickly familiarize themselves with the PTO tracking system since it's integrated with Microsoft Teams, a platform they're likely already using.

Vacation Tracker changed our paper-based leave application into a digital one, without the use of extra software, just by integrating into Teams.”

Volker W. Equipment Systems Designer

SL Controls


Simplify leave approval process in Microsoft Teams

With just a few clicks within your Microsoft Teams chat, Vacation Tracker makes requesting time off a seamless experience.

Approvals are equally hassle-free, featuring instant notifications for the result of the request.

All your leave data in one place
Simplified way of requesting leave


Keep team members updated on upcoming leaves and holidays

Tailor daily or weekly notifications to suit your organization, department, or location.

Select the Microsoft Teams channel for sharing notifications, and let Vacation Tracker manage the rest.


View your leave information right within Microsoft Teams

'My Profile' tab shows your remaining time off, previously taken days, upcoming leaves, and other helpful details about your leave activity. From here, you can also submit leave requests.

Additionally, a Request Leave tab is also available, giving you an instant overview of your leave balance and other scheduled leaves at the same time.

Assign approval privileges
Simplified way of requesting leave


Check your team’s upcoming time off and holidays

Besides the My Profile tab where you can see your leave information, there's a General Tab where you can find more details about your team members' leaves and upcoming holidays.


Integrate Vacation Tracker Calendar Tab

Keep track of planned leave types within Microsoft Teams by incorporating the Vacation Tracker Calendar tab into the channel where Vacation Tracker is set up.

Switch between Calendar and Overview tabs for more leave details as needed.

Assign approval privileges
Simplified way of requesting leave


Effortlessly import new users into Vacation Tracker

Add new users to your Microsoft Teams directory and import them into Vacation Tracker with ease. Choose between manual or automatic import, and rest assured that new users will be added to the system automatically.

Vacation Tracker can also automatically pro-rate the quotas for new users who start mid-year.


Plan your vacation through conversation

Our AI chatbot in Microsoft Teams replaces the typical 'Request Leave' command, allowing you to easily talk about your time-off needs for hassle-free booking.

Assign approval privileges


Why teams around the world love Vacation Tracker

“The ease with which everyone transitioned across to using Vacation Tracker without asking a million questions was impressive!”

Romana R.

Producer, No Code

“Set it and forget it. New users come on, they get added to Vacation Tracker, and it just works.”
Mark F.

Partner, Buffkin Baker

“Having easy updates on who’s taking time off, and when, has helped our team be more connected than ever.”
Yami R.

People Operations, Team Blind

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