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Vacation Tracker helps your team manage leave in a few clicks, saves time and keeps everyone up-to-date. 

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Taking notes about vacation requests in a spreadsheet is a thing of the past. With Vacation Tracker it has never been easier to manage your employees’ time off requests.

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Vacation Tracker - Request Leave

Simplified Leave
Approval Process

To book a half day, a full day or a multiple day leave, enter “/vacation” into any Slack channel and submit a leave request.

Once the request is submitted, an Administrator or Approver will be notified through Slack to approve or deny the leave request instantly.

Vacation Tracker - Request Leave

Tailored Slack

Set up notifications for an entire organization or tailor them to each team. Customize the time of the notifications, and pick the Slack channel on which they will appear.

Weekly or daily notifications can be configured by an Administrator, to keep all team members informed about scheduled leaves.

Custom-made Leave Types

Administrators can create up to 24 completely custom leave types, along with the first default Leave Type, Paid Time Off, which is also completely customizable.

Teams can request full or half-days, sick days, conference days, Jury Duty and many other types of leave all in one place.

Multiple Teams Management

Perfect for offices in different locations, multiple teams can be set up on Vacation Tracker.

Filter the Calendar and the Dashboard by team to get a customized overview.

Select Approvers or Administrators for each team to manage leave, set up local holidays and tailored notifications.

Built-in Reporting

Administrators can generate and export reports as CSV files.
Through the Administrator Dashboard, reports can be generated to fit your organization’s needs. Just choose the time period you want and export. Quick and hassle-free.

Customizable Team
Member Profiles

Choose who uses Vacation Tracker from your Slack organization. Administrators can manage active and inactive users, and can completely customize employee profiles. Through the Administrator’s Dashboard, leave allowance can be personalized in every individual team member profile.

Vacation Calendar Tracker

Administrator Dashboard

The Administrator Dashboard provides a comprehensive overview.

On this Dashboard, Administrators can easily approve or deny requests, set Leave Types, manage Notifications, and customize all Settings.

Approval Privileges

Set up Administrators or Approvers for any organization. Approvers will receive leave requests from their assigned teams. They can approve or deny requests, but cannot customize any of the Settings.


Administrators can set up a custom Workweek for the entire organization, or customize workweeks for individual employees.

Rollover Policy

Have rollover policy reflected directly and accurately in Vacation Tracker. Allow team members to transfer some or all of their remaining days off to the following year, and pick an expiration date for the rollover days.

Fiscal Year Start/End Date

Administrators can adjust vacation period reset dates, depending on the organization’s fiscal year end.

Calendar Integration

Integrate Vacation Tracker with Google Calendar, Outlook or iCal to get synchronized leave information.

Visit our FAQ page for more information on the vacation calendar tracker.

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