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One solution, endless possibilities

Whether you’re a small business or a remote team working from different locations, Vacation Tracker is designed for everyone, with one goal in mind: helping you master PTO.

team player


Vacation Tracker provides a user-friendly interface for you to request and manage your time off. Forget emails or paperwork—simply log into the system, see your remaining leave balance, and plan your vacation or personal days accordingly. Vacation Tracker values your autonomy and promotes transparency in the leave management process.

for employees
five stars
A really nice tool that is simple and tracks something that would otherwise be a big pain to track.
Sebastian T.
Product Designer
for managers


With Vacation Tracker, overseeing your team's leave schedule has never been easier. The software provides a clear view of when team members will be out of the office, helping you prevent scheduling conflicts and maintain adequate staffing levels for your projects. Plus, get insights into leave patterns to ensure a balanced workload and prevent burnout within your team.

five stars
Once we integrated Vacation Tracker, the whole hassle of requesting and approving days off became a streamlined process that ran on autopilot. That is such a relief!
Mohammed M.
Marketing Manager

Human Resources

Streamline the process of tracking and reporting leave across your organization with Vacation Tracker. The system automates these tasks, reducing potential errors and freeing up your time for other important HR duties. Stay compliant with labor laws and monitor the wellbeing of the workforce with ease and efficiency.

for hr
five stars
It doesn't have a lot of bells and whistles like other vacation tracking/HR software so you pay for what you really need.
Anna C.
HR Consultant
Hosted in North America and Europe

Finance and Payroll

Vacation Tracker simplifies the process of incorporating leave balances into your payroll calculations. Whether it's for paid leave scenarios or managing carry-over policies, Vacation Tracker can handle it, reducing your administrative workload and ensuring accuracy.

five stars
We LOVE Vacation Tracker. We went from a single person tracking PTO on a spreadsheet to a completely transparent, user-friendly portal.
Jennifer S.
Vice President of Operations

C-Level Executives

Vacation Tracker isn't just for day-to-day leave management—it's a strategic tool for the C-suite. The system provides an overview of workforce availability and leave patterns, crucial data for resource planning and strategic decision-making. As a CEO or COO, Vacation Tracker helps you ensure compliance with labor laws and promotes a culture of work-life balance within your organization.

Vulnerability Management
five stars
We have tried several leave management software and this one is by far the best. Super simple to use and has all features we need!
Bojan J.

Vacation Tracker is cost-effective, straightforward to implement, and user-friendly.