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5 HR Tools For Startups

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Table Of Contents

There is a growing number of HR tools for startups popping up on the online marketplace. They are all competing for the business of startups and small businesses. Which ones are worth trying out? This article will take a look at the 5 top HR Tools for Startups.

Growing a business means taking care of the needs of people. However, taking care of the needs of people takes time and can have steep costs. It can also be ridiculously time-consuming for the HR manager and their team.

From the hiring, to payroll, to managing sick leaves and vacations, there is an app for that! However, what distinguishes a nice user-friendly app from one that can grow and scale alongside your business?

We will take a more in-depth look into the 5 HR Tools for Startups to answer that question.

Zenefits for New Start-ups

Zenefits is touted as the most flexible HR software. It actually has a whole suite of tools. Hence, it’s great for start-ups that don’t have any system currently in place. Moreover, if your objective is to automate as much as possible, this might be right for you.

This software can manage your employee data and onboarding or offboarding paperwork. This is particularly useful when your business goes through a period of growth and you need to onboard many candidates at once.

You can also do your payroll through the Zenefits app, or plug in another payroll provider. Zenefits is highly flexible and adaptable. It can integrate with Salesforce, GSuite, Asana, and a few other major tech products.

In a nutshell, Zenefit has so many more functions that aren’t covered here. However, this software is priced accordingly! Your startup can have all of the HR benefits of Zenefits at a cost of 10$ per employee per month.

Vacation Tracker for All Your Leave Tracking Needs

This Slack-integrated leave-tracking app is also known for its flexibility. It integrates with Slack at the moment, and other integrations are being developed as we write this article.

Vacation Tracker is a one-stop shop for all of your leave-tracking needs.

With Vacation Tracker, you can keep a log of days off, whether planned or unplanned. Administrators can set their team’s Working Days. This feature is great for part-time employees working only a few days a week.

They can also program up to 24 different Leave Types. You can program Leave Types such as: Sick Days, Conference, Working Remotely, PTO, Paternity Leave, Jury Duty, and more.

Vacation Tracker is practical for remote teams and for teams collaborating in different countries. For remote teams, Vacation Tracker offers notifications and a dashboard that displays all of a team’s days off.

Also, if your teams have different holidays because of their geographical location, Vacation Tracker is right for you.

For ease of use and for accurate tracking and reporting, try Vacation Tracker today. Your first 7 days are free with the no-strings-attached free trial.

Cezanne HR for International Start-ups

One of the best HR tools for startups operating internationally is Cezanne HR.

It has built-in capabilities to deal with differences in international regulations.

Not unlike Zenefits, Cezanne HR is a software that has a lot of features that your organization can pick and choose from. They have solutions for recruitment and performance reviews.

However, they are best known for taking account of local laws and compliance regulations, for any of their features. Therefore, whether you are recruiting in Munich or in Vancouver, you will be able to follow proper procedures.

Unfortunately, this system is more sophisticated and can be more expensive than some of its competitors. You will need to get a quote directly from Cezanne HR if you wish to implement this software for your team.

Gusto for Your Payroll 

Many startups have turned to Gusto for all of their payroll needs.

Gusto integrates easily with many popular business accounting software programs. This software actually makes accounting almost interesting. It can help your HR department handle direct deposits, payments, tax filings, e-signing, insurance, and various employee benefits.

Unfortunately, Gusto is really only adequate for small businesses. The software can only handle up to 100 users. Hence, it is not the right software to pick if you plan on growing your startup into a medium or large-sized business.

Nevertheless, if you’d like to try it, Gusto offers a month-long free trial. However, after the trial offer expires, it will cost you 12$ per user per month, with an additional flat rate of 39$.

BambooHR for Hiring and Onboarding

BambooHR is touted as the best HR tool for startups in terms of hiring.

The software offers a cool applicant-tracking feature, which takes you from a job posting to hiring the right candidate for the job. As you move through this feature, it allows your hiring managers to customize the hiring process. With BambooHR, they can systematically review candidates as they apply.

BambooHR really helps to automate the hiring process, including the onboarding and offboarding and paperwork. It’s also best known for its job listings functionality, which may be a cost your company is already incurring.

Hence, why not request a free demo from BambooHR and see if this might be the right hiring software for your team?

Kristina Ousmanova
Kristina Ousmanova

Kristina recently left behind fast-paced life of Human Resource Business Consulting to freelance as a Content Writer. A regular Vacation Tracker contributor, she can be found working remotely from her home in Montreal, usually while eating a variety of snacks.

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