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5 Out of Office Email Samples You Can Use

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Table Of Contents

It’s your last day before the vacation starts, you are rushing through your to-do list and suddenly you realize- I need to write an OOO email!

We have all been there, hitting our heads against the wall, trying to come up with a PTO reminder that sounds professional yet has a personal touch so you don’t sound like a robot. The faster you are done with it, the faster you can run away from work. Think think think!

We are here to help, so you can focus on enjoying your time off! The less time you spend on the operational bits and pieces, the more time you will have to do some awesome reading.

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to create awesome OOO email messages, we suggest trying out our completely free OOO Email Generator, and you’ll have your perfect OOO email within seconds.

We also crafted some creative annual leave email templates that you can use for your Out of office emails. Check them out.

Basic Out of Office Email (just get it over with)

Dear sender,

Thank you for your email. I will be out of the office from *date* to *date* and will have limited access to email / will not have access to email. If you require immediate assistance, please contact *Name* at *email*. I will do my best to respond promptly to your email upon my return.


And just like that, you covered the essentials. You don’t always need to have a Shakespeare-like auto-responder. If you, however, prefer a little creativity, continue reading- it gets more interesting.

Offer Something in Return (marketing never sleeps)

Hello there,

I am currently on my annual leave and will return to the office on *date*. If your request is urgent, please contact my colleague *name* at *email* or *phone*.

To sweeten your wait, I am sending you this great article (hyperlink to your blog) that includes five books you should not miss this summer.

/ or /

Did you know that we publish a weekly newsletter? Oh yeah, it features all the news, updates and tips and trick on how to use *product/service*. Make sure to sign up (hyperlink) and enjoy!

I will get back to you as soon as I am back in the office.


Keep Them Engaged (you never know)

Hi there,

I will be out of the office until *date*. My colleague *Name* will be happy to assist you.

Don’t let my absence keep you from missing out on the latest updates. Follow us on *Facebook / *Twitter/ *LinkedIn / *Instagram. You will love our GIFs on Twitter, trust me.


Just because you are away, you still have the chance to keep the business going. Let your email work for you, by offering different things that will ultimately increase the chance to attract new customers. Your marketing team will be so grateful!

A Little Brag Cannot Hurt (for the adventurous)

Hey there,

Vacation Tracker helped me book some days off, so you will not be able to reach me until *date*! I will be busy surfing the waves in Portugal/ climbing Kilimanjaro/ taking pictures on the Great Wall of China/ exploring wildlife in Tanzania.  

Luckily for you, my colleague *Name* generously offered to cover for me. You can reach him/her at *email*.

Once I come back on *date*, I will get back to you. Maybe I can even tell you about my adventures.


Let’s be honest, you worked so hard and now it’s time to have a well-deserved vacation. There is nothing bad in wanting to show off where you are going or what you are doing.

Ta-da, you are done! You are one step closer to your vacation. Remember, just because you are away, it doesn’t mean you cannot make someone’s day with a funky OOO email!

If you are just like us and hate operational work and endless procedural to-dos, check out our Vacation Tracker and request your days off in seconds! It’s an effective employee absence tracker which will save your HR department hours every month. Try it out now!

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