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5 Slack Bots To Transform Your Startup

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Table Of Contents

Working in a startup can be hard sometimes. You’re just a regular person expected to be a top performer, multitasker, and real-time problem solver. And because there are so many things to do, you’re always looking for time-saving solutions which will enable you to stay productive and efficient even in the most stressful times.

Luckily, there are plenty of solutions for you to choose from to go through your work day in an easier way. From time management apps to project management software, when it comes to tech innovation, right now, the world is your oyster. That’s why we prepared for you 5 slack bots which will massively transform your startup.

Vacation Tracker

Do you know that taking a vacation is good for you? If you want to stay in your A-game throughout the year, you should be cautious about how many days off you take. Vacation Tracker is here to help you. This simple-to-use slack bot will make tracking time off a fast and seamlessly easy journey.

Forget about spreadsheets – we left those in the past century! With a Vacation Tracker, you’re able to send and approve vacation requests within minutes. Managers already love it, and you can find out why by using the 7 days free trial period!


Every successful startup started with a good idea, persistence to make an idea happen, and a good lawyer. Your business will grow and on that path, it will need some legal help. Instead of figuring it out for yourself, try hiring a professional.

LawTrades offers something similar to Uber. It comes with Slack, SMS and Facebook Messenger bots and it connects startups with a much-needed lawyer.

All you need to do is to input info about which type of lawyer your business needs, how much you can afford and a human project manager will follow up with information.


The first day at work is always stressful. Even if you got the job you dreamed about. There’s just a lot to take in: you see new faces, you’re surrounded by people you don’t know and you’re expected to remember everything about vacation days, companies’ policies, etc.

And that’s where Obie comes in. It’s a Slack bot made to make employee onboarding process seamlessly easy and it can answer questions which begin with Who, what and how. There’s no need to worry about forgetting something on your first workday, Obie got it.


Do you know what a press clipping is? This method was frequently used in the era of print media. Companies used it to track where the name of their company was mentioned in newspapers. Press clippers were the people scanning the media for some clues on when and where their client’s name was mentioned.

Luckily, we’re living in a digital age and even though we still use newspapers as a valuable source of information, online media has become more important than ever.

Notify is a chatbot for Slack which does just that – it’s able to notify you whenever your company’s name gets mentioned. Articles, social media channels – Notify is able to track it and notify you as soon as you get a mention.

That way you’ll be able to respond to your customer’s queries in seconds and you’ll get perspective on how people see your company. Tracking mentions will enable you to position your brand better and give you valuable insights on where you are at the moment.


Daily or weekly standups are an amazing way to see what’s happening in your team. Not only employees get a better picture of the progress of some tasks, but they also learn about their co-workers struggles too.

However, sometimes holding a meeting can come with lots of distractions and disturbances. We agree, focusing on a large group of people is not an easy task sometimes. Another problem with standups is that some employees might be delayed from attending them or they just might call in sick and they lose the insight on what’s happening in the team.

That’s where Tatsu is coming in. It’s an amazing slack bot which helps you hold your standups without leaving your desk. All you need to do is to type “start” in your Slack channel and Tatsu will notify the channel that the meeting is starting and call on the first participant.

We love Slack

We have to admit that Slack has changed our life completely. We don’t have to worry about space and time we conduct our business anymore. It makes us feel like we’re at one place even when miles are making us apart.

What we love about Slack are all awesome integrations that come in handy when it comes to doing day to day tasks. We’ve shared 5 of our favorite Slack bots, but there are much more worth your attention.

Aleksandra Cvetkovic
Aleksandra Cvetkovic

Aleksandra has been with the team since day one, bringing her passion for all things marketing.

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