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6 HR Tools That Can Serve as Calamari Alternatives

6 HR Tools That Can Serve as Calamari Alternatives

Reading Time: 4 minutes

Other than a delicious and highly calorific appetizer, Calamari is a HR management web application founded in 2014 in Poland that has gained worldwide popularity over the recent years and praise from rating and review platforms. The multilingual app offers two services, attendance and leave management systems to make HR-related tasks easier to handle. What’s not to like? But if you’re not into seafood, there are plenty of other fish in the sea! Find here other HR solutions to Calamari. The available apps options might not offer the exact solutions as Calamari but are worth considering.

Suggestions are based on aggregated reviews from GetApp and Capterra.


  1. When I Work

This Calamari alternative was selected as a leader category in 2018 from GetApp and is a triple top 20 in Capterra’s software categories for the year 2020: scheduling, employee scheduling and workforce management. Even though only offered in English, it will take you just a few minutes to build your work schedule, share and track it. Super easy to use and set up, the app will sure fit your line of work. Organizations from all industries use it: call centres, entertainment, education, events, food service, retail, hospitality, non profit, emergency, law enforcement, healthcare, franchises, technology, caregivers… More than a time tracking and scheduling app, this HR tool is also used to fast-track the hiring process. It facilitates communication through group messaging and file sharing. The best part? The service is free for organizations of 75 employees or less.


  1. Buddy Punch

Featured as a top 20 for both employee scheduling and workforce management categories for 2020 in Capterra, the time clock software acts as an online punch clock. The time tracker is one of the Calamari alternatives that makes it easy to stay on top of attendance, time off, and overtime in real-time, according to the website. Intuitive to use for employees and easy to view and import/export data for managers. Thousands of organizations of all sizes have adopted Buddy Punch to monitor remote staff and approve timesheet changes. They also use it to simplify payroll and workflows. It has many punch options like using a 4 digit pin code, facial recognition, QR codes, text to punch, and other features to save time on admin. Tasks like overtime calculations, customized reports, GPS location data, paid time off (PTO) accruals/request/approval management, mobile devices and notifications are managed by this app.


  1. Built for Teams

Consider the possibility of getting your next best hire, just a few clicks away. Built for Teams is another highly rated HR software. It helps you plan, hire, manage and retain your workforce. Although only available for desktops, this award-winning ease of use Calamari alternative is a users favorite because of their features. The data-driven platform centralizes staff data and statistics to reorganizes how you visualize your organization chart in productive ways. It modernizes spreadsheets with flexible PTO tracking, and help manage recruiting and onboarding processes end-to-end. Keep track of your growing organization with this tool packed with useful features. These feature can help with: workforce data and metrics management, calendar, records, workflow, applicants and resumes, contacts, time off and leave policy. This solution also integrates with other popular HR applications like Netsuite, ADP Workforce Now and Paychex Flex.


  1. Timetastic

Best suited for small and medium businesses and without the attendance tracking component provided as Calamari, the app takes care of making time off management a breeze. A live interactive wall chart lets you see at a quick glance your team’s work schedules, who’s in, who’s not, and when. Requests and approvals for absence are easily managed, and team departments and leave types easily set.


  1. BambooHR

If you are a small or medium organization looking for an efficient applicant tracking system (ATS), an attendance tracker, a compensation tracker, a time off tracker, and an team culture HR tool rolled into one, then BambooHR is a great option among Calamari alternatives. If you believe that your most important asset is your people, then this software might be of assistance. By collecting and organizing information throughout the employee life cycle, you can use such data as great insight for building teams, assigning projects, allocating resources, recruiting new employees and improve your organization’s overall performance.

Save a lot of time on admin tasks and paperwork while streamlining everything HR: people data and analytics, hiring, onboarding, compensation and team culture. Pulling up hiring information and communicating with a candidate gets easily done with a mobile app; making key decisions based on the data provided gets accelerated, and feedback on employee satisfaction gets more accurate. They are a top online HR system for many reasons! Get started with a free trial.


  1. PurelyHR

PurelyHR is another great option. More than a leave management, with add-ons the solution encompasses employee data, time tracking and attendance. As well, it has timesheet and infraction warnings. The user-friendly interface allows for easy access to centralized leave data in real-time, anytime. In a matter of a few minutes, set up as many time off configurations as you want. Features include paid holidays, time off restrictions, leave types, bankable time rules, renewals, carry-overs, accruals, and leave policy. Get an closer look at your teams operations by generating in-depth reports instantly!


Bonus! Vacation Tracker

Obviously, another great Calamari alternative is Vacation Tracker. Ditch the time-consuming paperwork and make room to your new and improved leave management app. Easy to set up and use, it accommodates remote teams to keep track of time off seamlessly. Request and approve leave – any, of up to 24 custom types of leave – in just a few clicks. Have access to all your leave history. Then, get notified instantly. A notification will be sent to you every time a request gets submitted, denied or approved. If you are working using Slack, the app goes perfectly in sync with the online collaboration platform. However, it’s also newly available for Microsoft Teams! Take advantage of a promotion on your first month, on top of an already affordable pricing plan! Or, try it out for free for 14 days!