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most interesting Slack bots

Discover the most interesting Slack bots 🤖

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Who knew bots could have evolved to become one of our most cherished work pets or plants? 🤖 🦾 Especially in chat platforms like Slack, so many bots have been created to make our lives in the workplace easier and more fun. Let’s delve into some of the most interesting Slack bots!



Celebrate birthdays together!  🥳

Avoid the awkwardness of forgetting Martha’s birthday from accounting and enjoy the peace of mind of always keeping track of coworkers’ anniversaries and birthdays with this one of the most interesting Slack bots. Thousands of organizations worldwide use it for employees to create wishlists, receive a lot of greetings, and get showered with great gift cards! It syncs with Google or Outlook calendars. The BirthdayBot is the official chief executive in charge of birthday wishes in the office and keeps everyone informed of upcoming celebrations. Easy to set up, interact with the friendly bot to send wishes, adjust reminders, and manage birthdays info. 🎵 Ce-le-bra-te good times, Come on! 🎵 Woohoo! 🎉



Need a friendly customer service bot for your website? You’re in luck because this bot will be the first to greet your customers when they visit your website. A little chat widget on your homepage goes a long way to engage with your customers, get to know more about them, and improve the overall user experience. The setup takes less than a minute to get your team prepared with one of the most interesting Slack bots! Interactions with users about product questions, sales, or support happen in an instant without leaving Slack.



The magic of the disco ball is that it lifts team spirit instantly! Improve your team culture, strengthen the core values and mission, recognize people and their valuable work in tangible ways with Disco. What does it do? It allows peer-to-peer appreciation to occur in real-time by giving points to each other to enable more frequent positive feedback, it gathers fascinating stats about the team members like trends and highlights how values are demonstrated in the workplace, it lets your team broadcast these cool stats on TV displays and monitors, and more. The results? A more positive and motivating environment to work in!



Are you getting bogged down by the avalanche of instant messages and incoming activity feeds? Have you missed important announcements and project deadlines along the way? Can no longer see the forest from the trees? (hint: this is a forest: 🌴 and this is a tree: 🌴 Hope that helps!) @must-read might be just the thing to help you sort through all the information, prioritize and get you organized in Slack. Mark important messages with @must-read and the bot will gladly collect all the important messages for the team, like announcements and links, and will keep track of who has or hasn’t read them. How neat! No more “Have you read this?”, no more feeling ignored, no more “I can’t believe I missed it, again”.



The more we know, the more we must know! This friendly beaver bot is there to support your team’s collective knowledge. FAQs, DIYs, How-to guides, helpdesks, service desks… Obie is your sales teams, IT, HR, customer care, and support teams’ BFF! Connect Obie to your modern knowledge base, ask Obie anything in natural language, and it will look for the answer for you in a matter of seconds!🤓 This most interesting Slack bot also works on browser extensions like Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and IE, and integrates with the library your organization already uses such as Google Drive, Confluence, Zendesk Help Guide, Jira, Jira Service Desk, Box, Dropbox, Trello and more.


Vacation Tracker

Funny how we never get tired of talking about ourselves. 😋 This fun bot has only one goal: to help you and your team manage leave in the simplest and most efficient way so you can enjoy your vacation when you’re off to a well-deserved rest. Easy to set up and fun to use, coworkers will appreciate how easy it is to request a day off, get it approved, view the number of days they have taken, see the number of days they have left, look at their team’s upcoming vacation days from the organization calendar, and plan their work and vacation accordingly. All of these features are possible from your favorite Slack platform. What’s more? We know that each organization is unique, which is why we have highly customizable features to have a 100% match with a bot that supports your organization’s specific leave management and tracking needs, leave types, leave policies, locations, and notifications. Happy vacationing! ⛱



This Slack connector might be the answer to solving productivity in your organization. Use it across your other work and productivity tools to enhance coherent and effective workflows. The app makes your daily job easier by automating some of the most repetitive tasks from some of the most complex workflows, but also organizes your workspace in a way that makes sense. Use the bot’s recipes or sets of instructions to manage and process your ticketing system, your to-do lists, or whatever tasks that require multiple steps, all in beautiful simplicity and powerful intelligence.


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