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10 Best Employee Leave Tracking Apps for 2023

10 Best Employee Leave Tracking Apps for 2023

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This past decade saw a plethora of changes in the HR industry. Companies are saying goodbye to clunky, overly complicated leave tracking methods and hello to mobile apps. Work trends point to the importance of holistic HR, including transparency in internal communications.

We’ve compiled a list of the 10 best employee leave-tracking apps for 2023 to get you in on the action.

Vacation Tracker 

Out of all the employee leave tracking apps out there, Vacation Tracker is certainly the most cost-effective choice. It delivers effortless leave management for 1$ per employee, per month. It’s surprisingly easy to use and is specifically built to be a vacation or leave-tracking solution. It does however have many useful features such as notifications, vacation day rollover, holiday settings for remote teams in different locations, etc.

10 Best Employee Leave Tracking Apps for 2023


Since it is integrated with Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Google Workspace, it is ideal for teams who already use the platform for communicating. Teams that use Vacation Tracker, see their waiting time for vacation request approval significantly decrease. Teams, and managers for that matter, end up happier and feel more organized. This in turn translates to more productive and engaged workers.

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    BambooHR offers a comprehensive HR management solution. It has its own application for iOS or Android App. On the app, employees can take advantage of the easy-to-use interface to take a look at their benefits, manage their records, track PTO, and much more.

    BambooHR can also track applicant data and is a great tool to collect data about employees. However, it does come at a price. Since it is such a complete HR solution, it can be rather costly.


    Although it doesn’t necessarily belong to the category of employee leave tracking apps, Gusto is a top choice for any organization’s payroll needs. Getting payroll right means properly tracking leave as well.

    Gusto integrates easily with many popular business accounting software programs. This software actually makes accounting almost interesting. It can help your HR department handle direct deposits, tracking payments by cheque, tax filings, e-signing, insurance, and various employee benefits.

    Unfortunately, Gusto is really only adequate for small businesses. The software can only handle up to 100 users. Hence, it is not the right software to pick if you plan on growing your start-up into a medium or large-sized business.


    Zenefits is touted as one of the most flexible employee leave tracking apps. It actually has a whole suite of tools. Hence, it’s great for start-ups that don’t have any system currently in place. Moreover, if your objective is to automate as much as possible, this might be right for you.

    This software can manage your employee data and onboarding or off-boarding paperwork. This is particularly useful when your business goes through a period of growth and you need to onboard many candidates at once.

    You can also do your payroll through the Zenefits app, or plugin another payroll provider. Zenefits is highly flexible and adaptable. It can integrate with Salesforce, GSuite, Asana, and a few other major tech products.

    Cezanne HR

    One of the best HR tools for start-ups operating internationally is Cezanne HR. It has built-in capabilities to deal with differences in international regulations.

    Not unlike Zenefits, Cezanne HR is software that has a lot of features that your organization can pick and choose from. They have solutions for leave tracking as well.

    However, they are best known for taking account of local laws and compliance regulations, for any of their features. Therefore, whether you are recruiting in Munich or in Vancouver, you will be guided to follow proper procedures.


    One of the more aesthetic employee leave tracking apps, Timetastic will help you replace spreadsheets in no time. Affordable and functional it enables you to track holidays and allows managers to set limitations as to how many team members can be off at any given time. Besides, it has options for tracking non-deductible leave and helps you stay in the know of what’s happening in your company.


    Like some of the other employee leave tracking apps, AttendanceBot has multiple features. The software offers time tracking, absence management, vacation tracking, and shift planning. It starts at 2$ per user per month. This amount goes up as you add features. Overall, it offers a really integrated solution for anything related to time management. It can really streamline a company’s schedule-making process.


    Similar to AttendanceBot, Calamari offers clocking functions for day-to-day time management, as well as leave tracking. With Calamari, you can pick what you want, and only pay for what you need. This is for organizations trying employee leave tracking apps for the first time. The software offers flexibility, which is important to startups. Moreover, the team behind Calamari is open to change and offers great customer service.

    Leave Tracker for Jira Cloud

    Leave Tracker for Jira Cloud is a software plugin that adds an employee leave-tracking feature to Jira. It also offers a dashboard, where you can track your team’s vacations and sick days all in one place. Employees also get their mini-dashboards, where they can check their vacation and sick day limits. It’s a great integration for teams already using Jira. For teams not using Jira, but collaborating through Slack, we recommend Vacation Tracker, which offers very similar functions.


    TimeBot is another popular Slack integration. In fact, via Slack, there are many different employee leave tracking apps available. This one offers a seamless attendance and time tracking experience. Features such as flexible notifications, a robust approval process, and annual limits are built-in. Just like Vacation Tracker, it has a bot that helps teams book leaves and informs them about their remaining days off.

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