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How to Increase Productivity Using Technology

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Living in a digital era has brought a lot of unwanted distractions upon us. Often, we find ourselves scrolling endlessly through our Instagram feed, without any clear objective, and lose valuable time. That’s why technology and productivity often don’t have a positive association.

However, when you set your goals on time and decide to follow your plan through, technology can only help maximize your productivity. In the end, it’s all up to you and how focused you are.

Set Clear Goals

Don’t you love the feeling when you have a to-do list, and cross off your tasks one by one? Feels good, doesn’t it? Having your goals clearly set can only help maximize your productivity as you’ll feel better and more accomplished when you check off one goal at a time. With that being said, it’s essential you set simple short-term goals along with long-term ones. If your goals are set way in the future, and it takes you way too much to reach them, you might lose your motivation along the way. That’s why having short-term goals is of the essence.

There are many smartphone and web applications created for this purpose. You can clearly set your goals, and set reminders which will make sure you stay on track. Another great feature these applications have is prioritization. You can prioritize your tasks by urgency or any other criteria you might have.

Connect Teams Members Virtually

Whether you have a team in one or more locations, technology can be of great help. By using a simple tool like Slack, you can improve productivity in the company. Slack is a collaboration hub that connects your organization effectively.

It’s important for team members to have good communication, and with Slack, it’s never been easier. Another great thing about it is the fact that Slack has many integrations which your team can use. Vacation Tracker, a simple leave management tool is only one of them.

With Vacation Tracker you can track your team’s vacations and days off easier than ever. With that being said, Slack can do a lot more for your company than just ensure quality communication.

Use Technology Effectively

As mentioned below, technology can lead us into a world of endless scrolling through the Internet, so it’s essential you only use it when needed. If not, it can actually decrease productivity.

Technology can be great for team communication, overseeing progress on a project and making sure everything’s going to schedule. However, in order to work effectively, you must use technology the same way.

If there’s a problem on a project, which needs your immediate attention, it’s better to solve those things in person. Even though we now have a technological solution for almost every problem out there, it’s important we do not take advantage of it and completely stray from some traditional ways. Use it effectively, and well-planned.

With goals clearly set and a plan well thought out, technology can make a drastic change in your company’s productivity.

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