How To: Set Your Team’s Holidays Quickly

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Vacation Tracker is a leave management tool helping teams all over the world manage leave with ease. It’s quick and transparent leave management with minimum employee training. Save time, and focus on more important tasks at hand.

With Vacation Tracker, your team members can request leave in 10 seconds, and the administrators can approve it in 5 seconds. Instead of wasting their time on endless leave management procedures, they will be able to work on other tasks in the company.

With Vacation Tracker you can easily:

  1. Submit and approve requests
  2. Request Vacations, Days Off or Half-Days
  3. Create Your Own Leave Types
  4. Set Up Multiple Offices/Teams
  5. Set Daily/Weekly Notifications
  6. Set Your Team’s Holidays Quickly
  7. Export Reports from Vacation Tracker as a CSV file
  8. Track Everything Through Awesome Dashboard for Administrators
  9. Synchronize with Your Calendar
  10. Choose Team Members
  11. Set a Custom Start of the Fiscal Year

Set Your Team’s Holidays with Vacation Tracker

With Vacation Tracker, tracking your team’s time off has never been easier. Whether you have a remote team, or are all working from one location, setting up your team and managing it is done in a few simple clicks.

According to your needs, you can easily set holidays for your team through the administrator’s dashboard. Administrators can easily set up holidays for each team, whether they’re in multiple locations or not. The holidays can be set globally or for each team individually.

Our Vacation Tracker bot will make sure you’re notified each time a holiday is coming up so you know who will be out of the office. Sounds simple? It is.

Vacation Tracker is currently in public beta, and we offer a 14-day free trial. Take it for a free spin!